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Birthright Somewhat better than a 35 star book but not exactly what I wanted to read Still it was entertaining nonetheless 4Really good romance great characters intriguing plot The mystery though fizzled terribly Such a story deserved good believable 'normal' evil You know that kind of evil that makes this story unfortunately true lifeI wanted much from the suspense side such a story again would bring down the FBI and droves of press Here everything was left to archeologists Not even the sheriff pitched in Still a very good read Another great book by Nora Roberts definitely my favorite romance author I never tire of reading her books over and over againsomething always gets me to pull her books out and start againBirthright gives us yet another great heroine Callie Dunbrook an archaeologist who arrives in a small town to study humans bones that are believed to be buried in what is suspected sacred groundShe's a very interesting character and so is her ex husband Jake Dunbrook also an archaeologist who joins her to assist with the digThere are so many plots and twists one which is really sad Someone in the town believes that Callie is her daughter who had been snatched away when she was a baby and never foundThis sub plot is so heartbreaking Imagining someone's pain at losing a child and never knowing what had happened to herThe investigation into the kidnapping of the baby is resolved in a very believable way The secondary characters are very engagingfrom the old man who owns an old bookstore to the women claiming to be Callie's mother and her perhaps brothertheir feelings and thoughts are so real and you find yourself totally immersed in their livesLovely story What I love about Nora Roberts is her focus on connections and relationships whether they are families lovers friends whatever It's absolutely central to every story In her trilogies there are always 6 main characters 3 men 3 women Obviously they will pair up but there are also deeper connections made within the group The conflict or mystery of the plot will not get solved until all the characters work together and there's always a part of the story that each pair works on together There is no hero riding in on a white stallion to save the damsel in distress There are no shrinking violets but the women aren't anti male help either They have to meet in the middle and use their own uniue abilities to work everything outBirthright isn't a trilogy but the same rules apply Jake and Callie join with Doug and Lana to not only protect the archeology dig but each other from an unknown threat OMG that sounds like such a cliche Sorry y'allFrom the beginning you know that a baby has been kidnapped which will be central to the story It sets up not only a rich plot but a serious emotional roller coaster If you're feeling particularly emo my advice would be to wait it out It's not a sad story but I did spent a good portion doing my best impression of a puddleRandom fact that had me fangirling One of the main male characters was named Douglas Edward Cullen Yup right there on page one Pubished before Twilight too Fun coincidence huh I thought it was prety funny 35 STARSGooduite EnjoyableI liked it This is Nora at her suspenseful best A series of circumstances brings a young archeologist into a turmoil Since I don't want to give anything away and I don't want to repeat the synopsis I will just say that if you are sensitive to child abduction even if it turns out ok skip this one Otherwiseenjoy a brilliant book by the incomparable Nora Author Nora RobertsFirst published 2003Length 494 pagesSetting Contemporary mostly at an archaeological site on Antietam Creek near Woodsboro MarylandSex Explicit Infreuent Between than one coupleHero AnthropologistHeroine ArchaeologistTrigger Child kidnapping No abuseOne of Roberts’ long romantic suspense books heavy on the story light on the romance Enjoyable enough for what it isBasically Roberts gives us a riff on fate and circles and how what happened yesterday happens today and will happen tomorrow is all one big thing And on how it’s all connected“ ’It’s just weird just one strange connection I pick a lawyer who’s got a thing going with my birth brother I cop what could be one of the most important projects of my career First my ex husband gets hauled into it then I find out I was born almost within spitting distance of where I’m working My biological mother happens to be the driving force behind my favourite chocolate chip cookies and person or persons unknown throw murder and mayhem into the mix Any one of these factors would be strange But put them all together and ‘“ ’A clusterfuck’ p259 loc5345Which is kinda interesting And the history bit is curiousButThe romances are very rapid The forgiveness reuired between Callie and Jake the acceptance between Suzanne and Jay And the moving on for Lana and DougThere are lots of characters and I struggled to keep them straight They would turn up for a little bit and then disappear only to reappear at some vaguely significant momentAnd where the hell are the FBI in all this A child goes missing 30 years before and there’s a nationwide hunt Which Callie’s adoptive birth parents apparently miss but we’ll ignore that view spoilerAnd the bit where by not registering the adoption she would have surely had a whole lot of trouble getting a passport hide spoiler Second time around and still loved itreview to come Rating Clarification 35 starsI did enjoy it but I felt like the ending fell a bit flat I would have liked it that we saw what happened with both of the families When five thousand year old human bones are found at a construction site in the small town of Woodsboro the news draws archaeologist Callie Dunbrook out of her sabbatical and into a whirlwind of adventure danger and romanceWhile overseeing the dig she must try to make sense of a cloud of death and misfortune that hangs over the project fueling rumors that the site is cursed And she must cope with the presence of her irritating but irresistible ex husband Jake Further when a stranger claims to know a secret about her privileged Boston childhood she is forced to uestion her own past as wellA rich thrilling suspenseful tale Birthright follows an inspiring heroine an intriguing hero and a cast of fascinating characters whose intertwined lives remind us that there is much going on under the surface than meets the eye

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