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Untamed Jovilette Wilder had the heart of a lion and the temper of a wildcat And when Keane Prescott first crossed her path she had her claws bared Jo was certain her beguiling new boss imperiled everything she cared for but she couldn't deny the overpowering attraction that sizzled between them And though Keane's kisses left her breathless with longing it was the tenderness he showed her that threatened to tame her heart

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    I really enjoyed this book Which is a complete shock as it's one of her earliest works published in 1983 Roberts' first book was published in 81 and I generally find her 80s novels a bit hard to take Before anybody gets too happy about it though I have to acknowledge that my enjoyment is probably idiosyncratic and unlikely to match genera

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    Untamed is the story of Jovilette and KeaneThis passionate story is a lustful dance between a fierce lion tamer and a defense lawyer Our h is a circus performer who spends her days training lions and her evenings keeping the troop afloat When the owner passes away handing over the reins of the circus to his estranged son she instantly disl

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    25 starsGod grant me the serenity to finish reading this Nora Roberts collection without wanting to kill somebodyI've wanted lighter reads lately because I'm having to stop reading so often to deal with the baby So these earlier Nora Roberts books have been kinda perfect It's a straight up romance with flowery prose and melodramatic stateme

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    The audiobook narrator Lauren Davis did not fit the story at all She sounded extremely young Like early teens young

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    ★★½✩✩ Audiobook was well narrated by Kate RuddI was debating whether to give this book 3 or 3 ½ stars and then came the ending blows raspberry I see why I didn’t read NR way back when She is much improved so much so that I'm seeking out her new stuff

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    It was just well crap

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    I've lost count of how many books I've read by Nora but I feel like I've only really loved one of them so far Untamed was another book that was on my audible romance package Color me shocked guys It was a pretty short and uick audio which is the main reason why I picked it It also worked for a certain challenge so eh two birds one stone In this

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    The book started out pretty well It takes place in a traveling circus the heroine Jovilette is a lion trainer and Keane has just inherited the circus from a father he never knew There are plenty of misconceptions and assumptions that get in the way of these two to start and they overcome them pretty well The hero goes through what seems an irrat

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    It is indeed a short book even for an Harleuin For such a short format it was not so bad Characters disclosed themselves progressively well mostly the hero The storyline was compact but well managed around the encounters between Keane and Jo What I liked than I thought was the rather realistic view of the way a circus works and toursHonestly the

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    Awhile ago I got a book that collected 2 older Nora Roberts romances The book was Spotlight Untamedance of Dreams but I'm logging each book separately because I have an ambitious reading goal to meetAnywayyy I love Nora but this was originally published in 1983 and it shows This is about a badass lady who grew up in the circus and LOVES being a li

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