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Blue Dahlia 2 ½ stars Not enough story Not enough plot Characters were nice people but not compelling enough for a storyMy mind kept wandering A lot of conversation about ordinary things Characters did not interest or intrigue me Stella likes to organize and manage things Logan is creative and artistic with his landscaping but appears disorganized in other things I wasn’t drawn to the relationship The sex scenes didn’t do anything for meThe plot surrounding the ghost was not well developed and not finished They hired someone to go through old records to discover the story behind the ghost He started but the book ended before he worked on itThe narrator Susie Breck was okDATANarrative mode 3rd person Unabridged audiobook length 10 hrs and 46 mins Swearing language strong including religious swear words but rarely used Sexual language none Number of sex scenes two briefly described Setting mostly 2004 Memphis Tennessee with some back stories from 1892 and 2001 Book copyright 2004 Genre contemporary romance with a little paranormal Recently widowed Stella Rothschild has found a new love in Logan Kitridge But there is someone who isn't happy about Stella's growing feelings for Logan the Harper Bride an unidentified woman whose grief and rage have kept her spirit alive long past the death of her body In Nora Roberts's Blue Dahlia she introduced to three women who came together to work in a garden nursery in rural Tennessee First there's Stella Rothchild a recent young widow with two young sons have moved back to her hometown to be closer to her family She met Roz Harper who owned the Harper House and ran the flowery nursery She wasn't intimated by her since she tried to escape the ghosts of the past As she settled down into her new life she met expectant young mother Hayley and formed a friendship with her as with Roz Later she met and fell in love with Logan Kittridge the handsome landscaper She couldn't help becoming attractive to him But someone wasn't too happy with this coupling the Harper Bride ghost They've dug deep into the ghost past's of rage and heartbreak as she haunted Harper House Nothing really to say except that I love this series After trying to start the inn series by Nora Roberts I ended up seeing so many similarities to In the Garden that I happily DNFed the first book in the inn series and decided to re read this one I love gardening and the outdoors so this series was always fun to me We have some romance and some characters that I actually enjoyed enough to revisit through three booksBlue Dahlia is the first book in the series and follows single mother and widow Stella I actually enjoyed how Roberts sets this book up When the book begins we have Stella enjoying her life with her husband Kevin and their two boys who she loves but who drive her up the wall at times When an accident occurs leaving Stella widowed she honestly doesn't know what she's going to do The book moves on a few years later and Stella has relocated to Tennessee to be near her father and her stepmother She wants to settle down in a new place that doesn't remind her of her former live and give her boys something strong to latch onto She goes and works for Roz Harper in her home and takes over as manager running her In the Garden nursery that is onsite Throw in a ghost and a romance she was not looking for and Blue Dahlia may satisfy your need for a romance with a light mystery Stella's love interest in this Logan is a bit much I honestly at first found him annoying Him finding Stella rigid because she likes things organized and wants items inputted into a spreadsheet oh the horror The horror made me want to brain him But he does grow on me I think I liked it because you get to see Stella not change the way she's made up to fit Logan but you do see Logan adjust for her Which I loved Most romances this days seem to be about uptight women who just need a man to remind her to let her hair down I liked that Stella thought first and foremost about her sons and how any changes she makes in her romantic life would impact them And I loved that there were honest conversations about her first marriage Stella was happy and her husband loved her and vice versa Thank goodness where was no third hour retconning of their marrirage to make any love she had with Logan be the best thing ever And thank goodness that Logan gets it about Stella's marriage and being an adult about that looking your way Virgin River book #1 Due to the first book having to lay a lot of ground work we do move around to other perspectives We get Roz's her son Harper's and Roz's cousin Hayley included in this first book It is pretty easy to see who the other couples will be in this series And besides Hayley I enjoyed everyone I always found Hayley's whole backstory to be a bit much and I actually kind of loathed what she did and why I probably will skip re reading Red Lily this time through cause I recall going eh okay when I read it years ago The main part of the book is full of Stella getting used to Roz's business but also the three women and some of the men trying to find out what they can about Roz's ghost called the Harper Bride I kind of shrugged about Stella and Hayley wanting to investigate the ghost until you get towards the middle and end of the book and realize that the ghost is at times dangerous to be around and the whole family wants to put the spirit to rest Can I say that Roz is my favorite character though She really is I loved that this woman had a lot to deal with she's also a widow and she raised three boys and then when she gets older marries a POS man and manages to rebuild again The book makes for a relaxing day at the beach or sitting in your garden if you have time I love nothing than a Nora Roberts trilogy Especially when romance and the paranormal collide and you have a vengeful ghost wrecking havoc on the main protagonists in each novel Blue Dahlia introduces readers to Stella a young widow with two growing sons who moved from her Yankee home to work for Rosalind Harper in Tennessee Rosalind's Harper House is the site of In the Garden her homegrown gardening and landscaping business When Stella and her sons move into a wing of Rosalind's house chilling things begin to happen at night Soon Stella Rosalind and new employee Hayley are all interested in what the mysterious woman singing in the nursery and haunting the gardens might wantI really enjoyed Stella and her love interest Logan and was cheering for them all the way I read this one in one sitting Goodreads review published 210420 One review said that next to the ghosty atmosphere and romance this novel also contains lots of gardening tips I don't really do flowers or nature I mean I like green As maybe a wallpaper Or pullovers when children wear them We used to have a green bird too Sweet thing Obnoxiously loud For f cks sake I'm probably the only human being next to Bree's sex addicted boyfriend in Desperate Housewives who killed a cactus In cold blood I'm a cruel evil person and I get crazy obsessed when people buy flowers and pretend they like them Like if you like them why let them slowly wither away in your living room THAT'S NOT LOVE It's like owning three cats five dogs and eating chicken nuggetsAt least I admit that I'm a cactus murderer Except that maybe if it's just about gardening which isn't exactly flower murdering it might not annoy me as much Although I also get crazy over people who talk about flowers Like I do right now UmWow this was such a deep philosophical discussion I'm amazed by my own brilliance and reflectiveness No but the point was that flowers in books make me go crazy and gardening tips make me feel inadeuateUpdateI now found the perfect example for my problem with flowers and gardens and where it comes from It was Erica from Celadon City タマムシシティ or Prismania Cityin Pokémon with all her green little shits God how she owned me So now you know it Dear reader it was a traumatic experience but I'm almost sure that no one else'll feel like that and you should definitely give books with flowers in them at least a try although I won't take it against you if you wouldn't now that you've heard this dramatic desperate story of innocent longing humiliation and loss 25 starsLike the Bride uartet this book is about women running a business and their friendship Even the ghost was important than the romance which was lukewarm and not very exciting I never got the impression that the hero and heroine even liked each other so I'm not sure how they fell in loveI'm not that interested in gardens so all the talk about plants bored me to death If I had liked the main character maybe I could have enjoyed the book but Stella was a control freak who didn't understand how people could be different from her Half the time I wanted to kill herThe narration was very good Characters were distinct and the male voices were adeuate I'd definite listen something else by this narratorI may continue the series because I liked Roz and Hayley the heroines of the next two books but I'll definitely wait a while to read them I don't know that I can stomach any talk of plants Started off great even made me cry after the first few chapters Then the story moved ahead a few years and it went downhill from there Just slow touchy feely fluff in a small southern town That may appeal to many but it became boring for me I needed a ghost book for a challenge and picked this up and it ended up being really good I liked the characters and the little family that came together throughout the story I'm glad the same characters are in the rest of this series I didn't think I would like this because of something Stella went through in the beginning and I'm not big on sad type stories but once it was over it didn't drag her down for long And Logan was funny I need to know about the Harper Bride I will read the next one The ghost added a nice touch of mystery to this This one is a keeper It's one of those books that I don't think I would have normally read but I was going on a trip and needed an unabridged audio for a long trip I am totally pleased with the end result Blue Dahlia is a fun and invigorating read Logan is a great hero and Stella is a delightful thorn in his side When Stella's husband dies in a freak accident she is forced to take on a new type of life She moves back to her birthplace in Tennessee and takes a job at Harper House Her new boss is great and her life seems to take o new meaning Too soon Logan a fellow employee roars into her life and turns everything upside downAnd if that isn't enough Stella finds herself haunted by the Harper Bride The trouble is no one knows who the Bride is or why she doesn't want Stella and Logan togetherMy trip ended before my CDs and I found myself sitting in my car once I got home just to listen to a few tracs and even making small needless trips to listen The character development is some of Nora's best and I am looking forward to the rest of the series Engaging plot enough emotional tug to keep you hoping it won't end

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