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Born in Ice Three modern sisters bound by the timeless beauty of IrelandWhen the harsh storms of winter descended upon western Ireland the locals stayed indoors and visitors stayed away Brianna Concannon's bed and breakfast became a cold and empty place But that was fine with Brianna She enjoyed the peace and uiet even when the icy winds howled at her windowBut this year cool capable and thoroughly domestic Brianna is expecting an unusual guest mystery writer Grayson Thane from America A restless wanderer with a painful past he plans to spend the cold winter alone But sometimes fate has a plan of its ownSometimes a fire can be born in ice

About the Author: Nora Roberts

JD Robb There are than 500 million copies of her books in print

10 thoughts on “Born in Ice

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    Loved it This is the second in the series but it could easily be read as a stand alone enough back story is given This is a simple and very romantic story of a young Irish woman Brianna who runs her own BB in a remot

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    ReRead June 2020

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    So I see that many people enjoyed this book even than Born In Fire but alpha male Grayson Thane really wasn't my cup of tea I shall get to that a little later on Born in Ice takes readers back to Ireland this time to tell us Brianna'

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    When you have aa writerand Irelandthen you'll definitely have a romance This is the second time I read this book so the following review is older I am not going to change it because I loved it again I LOVED IT Every single page of this book wa

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    This book brought Grayson Thane into my life I will forever be single until I find the real life incarnation of this man

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    Classic Nora Roberts Just terrific I even shed a few tears at the end Happy tears ;

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    I knew it would happen one day I found my least favorite Nora Roberts novel I was particularly disappointed because I really loved the first book of this trilogy but Gray's jerkishness was souring and Brianna's niceness fell into doormat territory too often I loved the

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    This book made me cry a little bit towards the end officially this book is the first book that I almost cried to

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    SYNOPSIS Born In Fire continues the romantic Irish saga the story of the Concannon sisters three modern women bound by the timeless spirit of their landWhen the harsh storms of winter descended upon western Ireland the locals stayed indoors and visitors stayed away Brianna Concannon's be

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    Book two of Born In Trilogy born in Ice was the story of Brianna and GraysonAnd what a sweet sweet love story it wasBrianna is the shy and introverted owner of her own BB Blackthorn When during the lone winter months her deserted home is invaded by a recluse crime writer he brings a wave of fresh

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