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Lines in the Sand Three years ago Carl Ragar turned on the mob His conscience couldn't handle the murder of an innocent bystander and he had to turn his back on his mentor Petroc Pete Barbu a man he'd admired and lusted after Pete made no apologies for his job as an enforcer but he'd never planned to get himself or Carl involved in the murder of a reporter When Carl turned state's evidence Pete couldn't even pretend to be surprised Now Pete's still on the run and Carl is unceremoniously dumped out of witness protection Two men tangled in their own pasts they will have to face the shifting moral lines in the sand that drove them to make disastrous choices Once Pete and Carl were partners who trusted each other with their lives now they're struggling to save their souls

About the Author: Lyn Gala

Lynsey Lyn Gala started writing in the back of her science notebook in third grade and hasn’t stopped since Westerns starring men with shady pasts gave way to science fiction with uestionable protagonists which eventually gave in to any story with a morally ambiguous character Even the purest heroes have pain and loss and darkness in their hearts and that’s where she likes to find her storie

10 thoughts on “Lines in the Sand

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    This was one thrilling and emotional book it grabbed me and didn't let go till the end I felt it represented real men and how hard it is for them to express their feelings openly and honestly I liked it a lot especially in comparison to most mm romance out there Its a good story

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    Lines in the Sand is a pretty hot and entertaining read It deals with the moral ambiguity of criminals and crimes The two main characters are interesting with a lot of chemistry The story is pretty internal with both men in their heads a lot almost too much but for the most part Gala’s clean writing and evocative descriptions are what keep me reading This particu

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    35This had a really slow start for me It was about the half way mark that it really started growing on me and I ended up really enjoying it Carl is in a bit of bind Former convict mob driver and FBI snitch He's left the witness protection program so that he can do the only thing that makes him feel worthy work on cars but by doing that he's put himself at risk for exposu

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    Very good mm romantic suspense about a driver for the mob who turned informant He removed himself from witness protection and is back in his home town working when the former mob enforcer and former friend shows up

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    Sometimes the heroes of books are men you wish you knew in your own life sometimes not But that just means that the author is even skilled if they are able to make you feel for them and understand them and care about them and still see them as real In this book the MCs are both men who worked for a mob boss and who still see problems as likely to have violent solutions They don't s

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    A good book but very dark due to the history of MCs and their present circumstances The prison and murder themes as well as moral uestion tied to them kept popping up until the very end weighing the flow of the story slowing it down No BDSM tho there was clearly a DS relationship between the charactersOverall 4 stars

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    I'm impressed by the author's skill in creating and developing characters

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    Ever since Carl walked up to him in prison all balls and no sense of self protection asking for a job Pete wanted the kid But he’ll never force himself onto another man Not even on this man who ratted him out who made him flee to Mexico Not this man who showed him a strange kind of loyalty keeping Pete’s finances a secret from the feds even as he lead them to the graves of Pete’s victims Which

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    Beautiful cover so I thought Why not?Pretty decent story but leans on GFY The plot isn't anything new but the dialogue between the two characters made it enjoyable I like how Petroc kept it a secret that he was protecting Carl even while they were in prison The sex was hot and Petroc was just so filthy with words it was entertaining It just irked me that there was somewhat a poor execution of Spanish phra

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    I'm figuring out that Gala may just be the ueen of crafting the perfect anti heroes There's a lot of moral ambiguity in her stories and it's refreshing after slogging through a genre teeming with unrealistic Marty Stu's Pete and Carl showcase the often unrealistic ideals of our society They're both men who thought they were doing the right thing while not being sure what the right thing was And they've reformed

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