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Silent Comedy On the surface it may seem slightly surprising that a master of verbal humor should also be a devotee of silent comedy but Paul Merton is completely passionate about the early days of Hollywood comedy and the comic geniuses who dominated it His knowledge is awesome his enthusiasm is infectious—and these ualities are to be found in abundance in his new book Starting with the very earliest pioneering short films he traces the evolution of silent comedy through the 1900s and considers the works of the genre's greatest exponents—Buster Keaton Charlie Chaplin Laurel and Hardy and Harold Lloyd—showing not only how each developed in the course of their career but also the extent to which they influenced each other At the same time Paul brings a comedian's insight to bear on the art of making people laugh and explores just how the great comic ideas routines gags and prat falls worked and evolved His first book for 10 years this richly illustrated history of silent comedy is destined to be a classic

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    This is a wonderful book for all fans of the silent era My one criticism is that it is a bit too Chaplain centric Sure Charlie was popular but his form of comedy can turn people off It also covers Buster Keaton Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle and Harold Lloyd in depth as well as the early films of Laurel and Hardy who

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    A little too much baseless speculation at times but written by a man with a genuine passion for the medium An excellent primer and good to see Fatty Arbuckle's reputation rightfully restored

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    Wordsmith comedian Paul Merton's really interesting book on silent comedy focussing on Charlie Chaplin Stan Laurel Oliver Hardy Harold Lloyd Buster Keaton and 'Fatty' Arbuckle from the dawn of movie making to the coming of the 'Talkies' More a celebration of their careers and looking mostly at their body of work an

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    Perfect introduction to early Hollywood silent comedy and the stars that made them Going to have to actually watch them all now

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    I enjoyed it but I think that silent film buffs would already know most of the information in the book

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    A good all round review of the lives and silent movie work of Chaplin Keaton Lloyd and Laurel Hardy I can't help feeling sorry he didn't have to say about the less well known names — particularly Charlie Chase — but there's only so much you can fit in one book He has a lot to say about the importance of a sympatheti

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    Written with a love of the silent comedies if you have ever seen one or not just read this it traces the history of the silent film being told with a voice of a person who loves and knows them well The book details how each silent star made the other improve on what they had produced My suggestion is you read this book for

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    Loved it Unlike a lot of stuff about silent comedy it didn't just focus on Chaplin Even covered Harold Lloyd my favourite Lots of interesting anecdotes It made me realise just how cutting edge this stuff was at the time A very good read

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    Just read it It is fabulous

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    Very interesting and well written book on the early days of the silent comedy stars Full of insight and written by somebody who is passionate about this era of the movies Well worth a read

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