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Ralph's party What was I thinking? AaaghI should have read the signsWarning Sign no 1 the price dropped from about two pounds to about oneWarning Sign no 2 the ‘chick lit’ label on the coverBut instead I decided to trust the factsFact In My Defence no 1 the price dropped from about two pounds to about oneFact In My Defence no 2 good reviews on GoodreadsSo I ended up reading the type of book I hate ‘Let’s Describe Everything and Everyone in Detail as Directly as to Leave no Doubt What is Meant’ The book is packed with straightforward descriptions of characters and scenes that read like script something like ‘She stood up went up to the cupboard took a glass of wine had a sip put the glass away looked into the mirror and sighed’ disclaimer this is not a uote Forcing the characters to use taboo words doesn’t make them any less paper or wooden Setting the events in London doesn’t make the book attractive Ridiculing MS products repeatedly doesn’t make the narrative witty Cliché situation and the predictable turn of events were the last straw to me Compared with this novel Bridget Jones’s Diary is a masterpiece of the highest writing and creative skills Meet the residents of 31 Almanac Road in a romantic engrossing novel that takes you up the garden path through the front door and into the most intimate parts of other people's livesRalph and Smith are best friends Until they fall for Jemima their new flatmate Jem knows one of them's the man for her but which oneKarl and Siobhan live in the flat above Happily unmarried for fifteen years it looks as if nothing can spoil their domestic idyllExcept maybe Cheri the femme fatale in the top flat She's got her eye on Karl and she isn't about to let his fat girlfriend stand in the waySooner or later it's all got to come to a head and what better place for tears and laughter break ups and make ups than Ralph's party OMG OMG these characters are REVOLTING PEOPLE the lot of them I’d like to have them all written into a serial killer book and have them all done away with by chapter 2 There isn’t one I’d save not even the simpering twit Jen Lisa Jewell is a really good writer and I was surprised when I realised I hadn't read her first book the cover is simple but perfect for the story behind it Jem is the centre of attention in this book and I love that as she's such a lovely character she's someone you want as a friend as she's a good listener and counts everyone she has in her life as important Ralph is a shy person to begin with but as the book went on he grew as a person and it was good to see his shy side firstly and then for him to come out of his shell put a smile on my faceSmith is a different person altogether In my opinion he loves being the centre of attention and goes in sulks and moods if things don't go his way I wasn't keen on at the beginning and still wasn't at the end Siobhan and Karl and Cheri are a different story entirely and this story makes you uestions your morals and to be honest I wasn't keen on Cheri or Karl but did feel sorry for Siobhan there was other characters in the book but not very often The last part of the story was a bit slow for my liking but otherwise a great story I really don't have much to say about this book which is probably a good thing because if I did it wouldn't be positiveJem was insipid dull and had terrible taste in menRalph had boundary issues that bordered on obsessive stalkingSmith started out reasonable and then turned into not just an asshole but a clingy assholeCheri was a flat out bitchBasically I found it to be a blah book full of horrible characters I'm glad it wasn't my first experience with Lisa Jewell because I've previously enjoyed a few of her books Thirty Nothing and One Hit Wonder and if this had been the first book of hers that I'd picked up I certainly wouldn't have read any others Ralph's Party left a really nasty taste in my mouth and I won't read it again though I may try other books by the author I was amazed I really enjoyed this book I am not a lover of chicklit at all but becuase of illness that means my attention span is small memory terrible and anything that reuires the least effort or thinking on my part is just pointless for me to read becuase I completely lose track ofI am having to find effortless books to read as it is pointless to read my usual choice of a book that is either demanding or reuires some thinking on my part I picked up a load of books at a charity shop that were of the fluffy type this one includedAnyway I really enjoyed it read the book in two days didn't find it an effort or demanding in any way and I found the ending satisfying So I am giving it 5 stars whether I would do this if I wasn't affected by this illness is another thing entirely maybe not but as I am right now this was perfect loved it nad am looking for by Lisa Jewell I have lost count how many times I have read 'Ralph's Party' I am now on my third copy its one of my favourite books I love all the characters apart from Smith they are realistic and well written I have always had a kinship with Siobhan for various reasons and I love how she changes in the book its a positive change and its nice to read Ralph and Jemima are both memorable characters they are so similar in so many ways and they do not see it you want them to be together Smith is somewhat of an annoying character which I never liked but he plays his part in the book which leads to good things An excellent story of people and their lives a nice relaxing and fun read which you will read again and again This was Lisa Jewell's debut novel and thankfully not my first introduction to the enormously talented Jewell Her other books that I've read so far are intricate well paced and absorbing with well developed characters And then there's this book profanity laced full of way too many coincidences and cringe worthy moments not possessed of a single sympathetic or likable character but overflowing with choppy unbelievable dialog and plot linesThe only thing that's keeping me from giving this book one star is that fact that it's a debut novel and the fact that Lisa Jewell's writing and character development become so much better If you want to read Lisa Jewell reader beware do not start with this one Two stars I made a bad mistake in buying prompted by and staring to read this bookI'd finished the first part of Parade's End a wonderful but sometimes demanding read and I thought that I'd uickly read this contemporary novel set in South London where I live But I've given up after reading 10% It's shallow and uninteresting driveling on about the lives of a tedious and predictable set of 30 year olds I need perhaps to return to my maxim of not reading a book that is less than 30 years old LOVE THIS BOOK It's funny it's such an easy read and so uirky Loved the characters I found them delightful and so true to real life refreshing

About the Author: Lisa Jewell

Lisa was born in London in 1968 Her mother was a secretary and her father was a textile agent and she was brought up in the northernmost reaches of London with her two younger sisters She was educated at a Catholic girls’ Grammar school in Finchley After leaving school at sixteen she spent two years at Barnet College doing an arts foundation course and then two years at Epsom School of Art & De

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