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The Samurai Mind The Samurai Mind is a well written piece of work This book is an amalgamation of 5 different samurai texts written in the 18th century detailing the way of the samurai in a time in Japan when the tradition was becoming rusty and forgotten being substituted with a superficial dedication to the martial lifestyle without understanding it's essence This is similar to the plight in Muslim academia today where knowledge is promoted but advancement has halted Now you have two sides within the proponents within the Islamic sciences where one is pulling towards strict adherence to tradition while the other is pushing towards advancement for the sake of advancement sacrificing orthodoxy as they move forward There are many other parallels between the samurai tradition and Islam; particularly the striking similarities between the way of the samurai knight and the path of the mujahid warrior of Islam For instance there is a clear emphasis on the combination of spirituality and using your inner soul or emaan ie faith with raw strength and military strategy There also seems to be at least one line that indicates the idea of the unconscious at least 100 years before Freud introduced the concept to the western world but perhaps I'm reading the text wrong here Finally the biggest take away from the book is the way in which these Samurai scholars write; indicating their mastery over words along with the sword they display their teachings concisely yet packing a depth of meaning What took a few pages for these scholars to convey their message would've probably taken scholars today 1000s That is one of the strengths of this 126 page book There are many take away uotes from this book yet i'll leave you with this oneMy swordsmanship is for slaying the enemy brutally You must use this feeling of ferocity penetrate directly into the enemy’s heart and mind Hirayama Shiryu The Mysterious Skills of the Old Cat Neko no Myoujutsu Written by Issai Chozanshi ★★★★½Sword Theory Kensetsu A Treatise on the Sword KenchoWritten by Hirayama Shiryu ★★★½Shingan ryuJoseishi’s Discussions on the Sword Joseishi KendanWritten by Matsuura Seizan ★★★Shingyoto ryuIgnorance in Swordsmanship Kenjutsu Fushiki Hen Written by Kimura Kyuhou ★★★★Unchu ryu Translation by Christopher Hellman ★★★½ Samurai is so cool Contiene Le tecniche misteriore del vecchio gatto neko no myoujutsu di Issai Chozan Teoria della spada kensetsu di Hirayama Shiryu Un trattato sulla spada kencho di Hirayama Shiryu Considerazioni di Joseishi sulla spada joseishi kendan di Matsuura Seizan Ignoranza nella scherma kenjutsu fushiki hen di Kimura KyuhouDall'aneddoto di un gatto abilissmo nel cacciare topi grazie al suo atteggiamento vigile ma armonico e aggraziato Issai Chozan agli scritti di Hirayama Shiryu incentrati sull'importanza della pratica passando all'enfasi attrubuita da Matsuura Seizan al concetto di mushin non mente e al suo approccio alla pratica giungendo a Kimura Kyuhou che dopo l'iniziale ammissione della sua manchevolezza nelle arti marziali cui si è dedicato nella sua vita ci trasmette un interessante dialogo tra il suo maestro ed un suo ospiteInteressante lettura per gli appassionati delle arti marziali e per tutti coloro che decidono di lavorare su sè stessi nella loro completezza Es de esas cosa de las ue sabes ue comprendes sólo un poco pero ué belleza y ué profundidad A mi juicio muy recomendable Lectura ue te deja enseñanzas ue puedes aplicar en tu vida diaria tal vez algunas por el carácter del samurai mas encaminadas al combate pero ue resalta el conectar su cuerpo y espíritu siendo valiente y humilde para afrontar todo lo ue traiga la vida The Samurai Mind is a collection of five seminal Japanese texts that convey the essence of traditional samurai philosophy and ethics from very different but complementary points of viewThese texts range from the ferocious to the esoteric—with their common thread being the importance of mastering one's own mind as the key to overcoming opponents They were written from the mid 18th to early 19th century The authors were acknowledged master samurai warriors keen to address a broader audience beyond their circle of students and acolytes Their aim was to explain their craft to the outside world and they do so with great insight The classic Japanese texts areThe Mysterious Skills of the Old CatSword TheoryA Treatise on the SwordJoseishi's Discussions on the SwordIgnorance in SwordsmanshipFour of the five texts presented here are translated into English for the first time making The Samurai Mind an important addition to the literature on Japanese martial arts and a valuable resource for all martial artists This samurai philosophy book is an informative look at the samurai of Japan with particular emphasis on the warrior's relationship with his samurai sword—the most fabled weapon in history—and on his need to cultivate mental discipline to achieve his goals

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