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Beast The BeautyAn exuisite American heiress Louise Vandermeer is beautiful brilliantand bored—which is why she has agreed to a daring adventure to travel across the ocean to marry an aristocrat abroad Rumor has it her intended is a hideous cad—a grim prospect that propels her into a passionate reckless affair with a compelling stranger she never sees in the light of dayThe BeastThough scarred by a childhood illness Charles d'Harcourt has successfully wooed Europe's most sophisticated beauties For a lark he contrived to travel incognito on his own fiancée's ship—and seduce the young chit in utter darkness But the rake's prank backfired It was he who was smitten—while the hot tempered Lulu now his wife loves only her shipboard lover unaware it was d'Harcourt all the time And Charles will never have her heart—unless he can open her eyes to the prince who hides within

About the Author: Judith Ivory

Judith Ivory accidentally acuired two degrees in mathematics then sold her first novel in 1987 and closed up the math books for good She lives in Miami Florida with her two children two cats and a dogJudith Ivory is the pseudonym of author Judy Cuevas real nameThe pseudonym was first used by her after publication of her last book as Judy Cuevas in 1996 Dance Her first book Star

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    This was THE most annoying book I've read in a freaking freaking long while I cannot begin to describe how truly pathetic the story was I was close to dumping this book and begin another but damn me why didn't I?image error

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    Beast by Judith Ivory is one of my two all time favorite romance books and also simply one of the best books I have ever read When I read books or watch movies afterwards I have a certain feel for them a textural sensation Beast has left me with one of the richest most voluptuous feels ever The story is set around the turn of the 20th century The

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    When you keep wishing your husband who's been abroad for 3 days will delay coming home at least 3 or 4 hours so you can manage to finish the book you know the book's a keeper If anyone told me two days ago that I would come to love a book by Ivory whose book The Proposition was a huge disappointment for me I would have laughed at them; yet here I am T

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    35 starsI did a buddy read for this so for all of my thoughts comments and uotes Beast buddy read With him I became aloud the person I had always been silently inside myselfThis uote right here is what I want to read about and feel when I pick up a romance book Beast is obviously a play on the Beauty and the Beast story and while you'll get a true feel for i

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    Very nice Edwardian romance The hero Charles was uite different and most of the book was written from his POV He was scarred and hyper aware of it but rather than secluding himself and brooding about it he instead made himself confident at least on the surface and flamboyant and vain He starts his incognito relationship with the heroine his fiance whom he's never

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    This is my first Judith Ivory book I’ve picked up and although it started off great for me it fell short in the end The Good Because of my love for the start of the book I thought I break it down between the good points on the book and the bad points The beginning was wonderful with Charles setting out to prove that looks are not everything teaching a lesson to Louise

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    Interesting story but couldn’t get into the characters Really enjoyed the setting but I didn’t care much about the romanceHRBC April 2020

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    This had the potential of being stupendous but the ludicrous plot and unlikable ice ueen heroine ruined it entirely I'm really annoyed because I had this sitting on my bookshelf for over a year and looking forward to reading it for so long I originally wanted to give this an extra star but there was honestly nothing I enjoyed about this The first half of the story dragged out unbea

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    A very tender passionate delightful and intimate look at a relationship with all the inherent failings and follies Only if you are able to forgive the mcs of this book their utter stupidities will you enjoy their story And there is much to like and love here – just as there are things that may put you off The mixed and extreme reviews are understandable but I for one loved both the mcs

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    45 starsThis is truly amazing when a book makes you feel such a range of emotions and sensations The way Ms Ivory writes is very sensual she appeals to all of the senses especially smell in this one How is that possible? Well it starts out because the hero Charles is in the business to make perfumes or grows the key ingredients for them like lavender and jasmine The descriptions are beautiful

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