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Krakatit Krakatit is a novel on the risks about the abuse of science for human gain The hero is a chemist Mr Prokop who was able to produce exceptionally powerful explosive He calls it Krakatit after the Indonesian volcano Krakatoa A special feature of Krakatit is that erupts seemingly without cause After an accident in the laboratory an exhausted Prokop tumbles into Prague when he meets Tomes who takes him into his care

About the Author: Karel Čapek

Karel Čapek is one of the the most influential Czech writers of the 20th century He wrote with intelligence and humour on a wide variety of subjects His works are known for their interesting and precise descriptions of reality and Čapek is renowned for his excellent work with the Czech language His play RUR Rossum's Universal Robots first popularized the word robot

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    In high school they tell you how this book is about internal struggle and how the abuse of scientific advances can put the world peace at risk Hogwash I wonder whether my lit teacher has actually read this This is a story of a delusional inventor who has nothing better to do than to walk around be an ass to everyon

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    Probably the weirdest book I've ever read Found it at a thrift store and was intended to make a secret compartment for my liuor bottle in it but decided to read it instead The first twenty pages or so is like reading how Scream by Edward Munch feels like And then it gets weirder and confusing Maybe it would be better if

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    I don't know how I feel about this book it was very strange and the character's dreams and hallucinations were than the story itself He acted like some kind of an animal impulsively and primarily and was always turned on which was very funny because he always felt dizzy and was going to faint obviously his body can't deal wit

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    A story that will hug you at the beginning smash your brains through each chapter and only the end will kindly release you with a big OU Heavy loaded with philosophic thoughts inner person battles and doubts together with general fight between good and bad

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    This was my book of books when I was in the teens and could not imagine anything better then working in a chemical laboratory The hero of the story Prokop a chemical engineer was most definitively my hero and Karel Čapek my favorite writer The scene when Prokop wakes up from a meningitis delirium in the house of a Czech country doctor an

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    This is story about human's internal struggle in its essence Science advancement pressure to get it for military purposes on one side and desire of the scientist still being a human for simple pleasures of life and finding woman to love

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    Continuing my graphic novel spell I did not read this book in particular but its GN version which is not on here yet Like always Karel Čapek was a visionary of his times and now I feel inclined to get his original I am uite surprised and excited about how many classics or canonical Czech works have be remade into a graphic novel This way especially

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    The discovery of an extra potent explosive substance Krakatit leads engineer Prokop into the hands of a powerful German industrial military complex where he is made a golden prisoner Until he agrees to produce the substance for their masters A love story with the company's Heiress takes a large part of the book and in the end Prokop manages to escape his l

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    Čapek is a visionary Imho he definitely deserved a Nobel Prize for Literature nominated so many times but got zilchHe saw stuff like A bomb decades before it became reality But visionary bit apart he is a damn good storyteller too Read Krakatit twice in brilliant Lithuanian translation by Vanda Rudavičiūtė

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    Full of romance searching for his other half full of self pity full of strange dreams It is not a science fiction science there is just a basis of the storyThough I enjoyed reading it It reminds me a little of James Bond movies contains parts full of action and romance and then there is calm period; and again action and romance

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