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Every Second Counts In Paris on 25 July 1999 Lance Armstrong made world headlines with the most stunning comeback in the history of sport winning the Tour de France in the fastest ever time after battling against life threatening testicular cancer just eighteen months previously A few months after that historic victory he became a father for the first time His first book It's Not About the Bike charted his journey back to life and went on to become an international bestseller and to win the William Hill Sports Book of the Year 2000Now in this much anticipated follow up Armstrong shares details of his remarkable life story including four Tour de France wins an Olympic medal and the births of his twin daughters Grace and Isabelle Never shy of controversy Lance Armstrong is a genuine global sports superstar and one of cycling's greatest ever champions Here he offers us his life philosophy his thoughts on thoughts on training competing winning and failure He also recounts the work done for the Foundation he set up following his dramatic recovery and introduces further inspirational tales of cancer survival Every Second Counts is another extraordinary and awe inspiring book from a man who strives every day to meet life's momentous challenges

About the Author: Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong born Lance Edward Gunderson is a retired American professional road racing cyclist He had won the Tour de France seven consecutive times from 1999 to 2005 but in 2012 he was disualified from all his results since August 1998 for using and distributing performance enhancing drugs and banned from professional cycling for life Previously he also survived testicular cancer a g

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    This is an author that I wanted to hate when I was half way through the book because much of what he says comes off sounding arrogant and self centered He talks of his accomplishments his ceaseless drive how unfairly he was treated by those who thought he was doping his generosity his many homes and then goes on to describe how he’s “

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    While the previous biography It's Not About the Bike My Journey Back to Life had the redeeming feature of being about his impressive return from cancer to not only return to competitive professional cycling but to win the Tour de France This seuel suffers from the same poor ghost writing but without any story While the first book was a story the s

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    Despite believing that Lance Armstrong was a drug using cheat I really enjoyed his first book It's Not About The Bike It was a well written compelling story Lance is an example for everyone not to give up not just cyclists or cancer patients regardless of whether he's using performance enhancing substances or notOf course It's Not About The Bike was not ne

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    Apart from the events where he blatantly defends his drug accusation and narrates emotional mental stress he is undergone with due to such events and how unbelieving was his performance to others who committed to see him through a spectrum of doping and which he describes as purely an outcome of his dedication and focus The rest of tale is about how he sees the fel

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    This book takes up where the first It's Not About the Bike left off Armstrong briefly reviews his bout with testicular cancer and then talks about the next several years of his life including the second through fifth of his consecutive Tour de France victories There's much detail in this volume about the cycling experience itself training how a team works together the race

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    If you can read it a decade ago then it's inspirational If you read it now then it just seems hypocritical

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    Every Second Counts by Lance Armstrong tells the story of his life after he overcame cancer Armstrong is a seven time Tour De France winner which is arguably the hardest cycling race on the planet He wrote this book in collaboration with Sally Jenkins a sports writer It is the second book by Lance Armstrong after he wrote his first autobiography “It’s Not About The Bike” I was unaware

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    I did not read the Spanish version though that's what seems to come up here Rather than a review just posting some of my favorite uotes from the book to preserve them What it teaches is this pain is temporary uitting lasts foreverMortal illness like most personal catastrophes comes on suddenly There's no great sense of foreboding no premonition you just wake up one morning and something's wrong in yo

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    So it looks as thought I'm going to live at least for another 50 years or But whenever I need to reassure myself of this as I sometimes doArmstrong's second book is a remarkably balanced account of his attempt to adjust to an 'ordinary' life after his extraordinary battle against cancer and subseuent win of the Tour de France with the US Postal teamLance does a commendable job at describing the difficulties

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    This one is again a great book by lance and for me this book is about telling the life of an athlete and what does he goes about in his life How he balances his family friends and cyclingThis book starts once the lance won his 1st title in the race and is is getting ready for the next one and how he keeps winning till the time he ends up winning his 5th titleWhile there are surely few instances where he gives you adv

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