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The Valentine Child Re The Valentine Child Jacueline Baird brings us the other HP 1996 Valentine's day book and this one is a bit serious in tone Back in 1996 in the real world there were a few societal debates going on that JB chooses to use as catalysts for the story in this bookFirst there was the issue of single motherhood In particular single motherhood where the woman either used a sperm bank or used an unknowing man as a stud service The music group Heart has a really good song about that called 'All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You' and Ann Wilson despises that song from the bottom of her heart to this day Second there is an issue that actually became of an issue in the year 2000 and still causes intense ethics discussions even to this day This issue is currently called having a Savior Sibling or back in the 90's and the first decade of this century it was also referred to as having a Designer BabyWhat that means is that people who have a sick child that has certain types of anemia or leukemia will need some type of tissue or stem cell donation from a DNA match and will try and get pregnant with a child who can be that donor There is a lot of debate about this because in the year 2000 a Colorado couple used IVF embryo selection to conceive and implant a DNA genetic match for their sick child whose stem cells were later used to cure his older sister In 1996 this wasn't as developed as it would be in three short years The technology was there but there were fierce debates about the advisability of deliberately selecting an embryo out of multiple others for implanting to create a compatible donor It was a very controversial situation JB skirts the edge here by having the h want to have a random genetic baby with her child's father in the hopes that it will be a match for bone marrow donation To be clear there is no deliberate IVF selection the h is just hoping the HP Manly Mojo Motilators are up to the job of hitting the target and getting the DNA mix rightSo before we start take the above as words of warning We are stepping onto shaky real world ethical grounds here and this could mar an otherwise enjoyable HP outing This one features a 20 yr old orphaned American h But after the death of her movie star parents at 14 she went to live in England with her British High Ranking Justiciary uncle and developed a huge crush on her uncle's younger but 14 years older junior legal partner The h believes that the H has been sending her seekrit Valentine's Day cards for the last several years which accounts for a lot of her besottedness The cards are only signed as being from your tall dark and handsome admirer The book opens with the big and intimidating H kicking the tiny pocket venus h's date out when her beloved elderly uncle has a major cardiac event and the H is hauling the h to the hospitalThe H who is now 34 became the h's uncle's partner after leaving the field of international law The H's uncle was his mentor and lent him money when the H's own father died so the H felt a send of obligation to follow his mentor to the Justiciary Tho the h and H had a falling out at her 18th birthday party where the tiny h felt the sharp stab of jealousy over the H bringing an ian Red Haired Jessica Rabbit look alike as his date Then the H startled her silly with his punishing roofie kiss after the h threw herself at him later that night Two years on the still unicorn grooming h still has a major crush on the H and tonight the besotted h is going with the H to annual Valentine's ball The H is very interested in the h it seems and the h's elderly and medically frail uncle is benevolently looking on the potential lovely couple The H proposes at the ball and unicorn grooming licenses are permanently revoked The H and h marry and then the h's uncle dies and the h starts noticing big changes in the H She reads her ladies magazines tho so she tries to keep things honest and open and she really does try to talk to the HHe doesn't take our pixie h seriously he tends to treat her like delicate porcelain and his attitude is very much a pat on the head and 'don't worry your pretty little head about things kitten' The h is young not stupidShe doesn't like the whole separate bedroom in the master suite situation she doesn't like the H's other senior legal partner's wife spreading rumors that the H only married her for her uncle's huge manor house and his money and she REALLY doesn't like that every woman the H has been with prior to the h have all been the ian Jessica Rabbit types and she is clearly a tiny silver blonde TinkerbellThe h is busy plotting little ways to get her husband to spend the whole night with her and not just delicately hit it and uit it but she gets run off the track by her whole 21st birthday situation Clearly this h should never plan another birthday part ever again they are extremely bad luck for herThe h is still in mourning for her uncle and doesn't really want a party She is also concerned because the H seems to be working 20 hours out of every 24 and she thinks it might be to avoid being with her Besides since her uncle's death the h has been thinking if they sell the manor house with it's ridiculous two bedroom master suite she and the H will be forced to share a room and therefore the same bed all night But the H is insistent that the party go ahead the h's uncle took great pleasure in planning it out prior to his demise So the h decides to vamp herself up and she succeeds in a big way The h is all about tying the H to her big master suite bed for that after party glow but then the H's ian Jessica Rabbit date from her 18th birthday shows up Due to the gossip the h inadvertently overheard the h knows that the Jessica Rabbit Sub and the H were lovers Due to the drunken OW deliberately confronting the h later that night the h now also knows that the H is an man who usually goes for multiple innings of lurve club events every night and that certainly hasn't been his game plan with herEven damning in the h's eyes the OW also reveals that the H did not leave the OW's flat until she kicked him out at 2 am the day he married the h and the H says that is true but he doesn't offer a good explanation The H then admits that the h's uncle did his best to broker their marriage When the h finally confronts the H on the OW remarks about the H's lurve club habits he laughs and mocks her jealousy and then he uses that fatal line Those OW meant nothing to me Which confirms the h's feelings that the h doesn't mean anything to him either even tho the H claims he loves her So the h goes back to the US and on the way she happens to run into her dead parent's dear movie studio chief friend The man is handling her trust fund left from her parent's estate and also is the one who really was sending those Valentine's Day cards over the years Another strike against the H he let the h think he was sending them even tho he knew he wasn't and the h believes the H is ruthlessly manipulative to get what he wantsThe h needs a place to stay until she gets her US finances sorted out so she goes to California with her parent's friend The H chases her down and before the h can tell him she is preggers the H launches a massive verbal tart shaming Harlot of Hollywood assault and thrusts some papers at the h She signs them and is so upset at he massively ugly treatment of her she doesn't mention the impending stork deliveryThen the H claims she will wait five years for the divorce as he has his legal career to think off and the H and h part The h moves to Maine by herself starts a little artistic card boutiue business and builds her and her baby a lifeThen her three year old gets diagnosed with Fanconi's anemia and the interim doctor the h sees tells the h to get pregnant with her child's full blood sibling in the hopes that the baby will be a bone marrow donor matchThe h frets and worries then she hops a plane to England determined to seduce the H and get herself a bone marrow donor Even when she arrives and there is another lovely apparently living with the H and being an absolute bovine witch to the h she doesn't let that slow her downAs the h slams down cognac and is dressed to seduce the H takes his cue and fierce Love Force Mojo Purple Passion Moments ensue The H still accuses the h of tart harlotry everywhere but the h as been reading Cosmo this time and she has all the right moves The H definitively proves that he is than a one hit wonder and the next morning the h confesses the truth about his sonThe H and h hop the Concorde and fly back to Maine The H meets his son and a month of happy family times ensue The big day for H donor testing arrives and to the h's great chagrin the H's mistress shows up to 'help' out with the toddler The h is furious that the H has brought his girlfriend into HER home but she loves her son desperately and if that is what it takes to get the H to test for a bone marrow match the h will suck in her breath ignore the insult and send the H off to his girlfriend for the nightThe next day the h and H are on the flight when the H starts berating the h for kicking his girlfriend out of her house that morning before they left Tho the H finally enlightens the h that the lady is his half sister not his mistress and it finally dawns on the H just how despicable the h really thinks he is and how much she is willing to sacrifice to save her sonThe H proves to be a match on the bone marrow stakes and just as the h is ready to rejoice the interim doctor shows up and spills the beans about the h needing to try and get preggers by the H The H instantly knows that the h totally played him so it is a very tense flight homeThe H's sister is there to meet them and the h apologizes for thinking she was the H's mistress The sister then spills the story that the H has been in love with the h for years he became a workaholic after the h dumped him and switched over to the lucrative international law field after the h leftThe H is now really rich and also the sister thinks the H was afraid he would hurt the tiny h because his dad was big and his mum was tiny like the h and the mum died of a heart attack while in an intimate moment with his dad This supposedly gave the H an irrational fear of damaging the h and that is supposed to explain his weird behavior towards the h in the first part of their marriageThe H's sister also remarks that the H is an idiot he is so worried he is going to hurt the h and here she is all five feet and 100 pounds of her and running rings around him even to the point of seducing him when she believes his girlfriend is living with him and the h is winningThe h then takes herself off to seduce the H again this time he isn't too hard to convince and finally the big explanations come out The H talked to the h's uncle and the uncle was elderly and had this idear that the h was a delicate fragile flower The H knew that he totally messed up by bringing the OW to the h's birthday party and we find out that the night before the h and H's wedding the alcoholic OW tried to kill herself which is why the H was trying to sort her out Now the OW is married to the guy who brought her to the h's 21st birthday party and she is not drinking happily married and has a couple of kids Since the H had been in love with the h for years but thought the roofie kiss at the h's 18th birthday party terrified her the uncle suggested separate rooms at first and then a long slow wooing of the h to appreciate the H's charms The h's uncle had no idear that the h had a lifetime subscription to Cosmo and he designed the master suite with separate bedrooms personallyThen the H stuffed things up further by worrying that the h wanted to sell the uncle's manor and the H did not want her to regret that So he worked all kinds of hours to earn enough money to pay the heavy death duty tax and allow the h to keep her family home as the uncle did not leave much money The H now has it all restored and wants to make it their family home The H also confesses that he was trying to tie the h to him by getting her preggers on the sly with a second child then he got mad cause the h lied and said she was on birth control The h shouts out her love and the H shouts out his back and he finally believes that as he was celibate so was she and they decide to stay togetherIn an extremely rare JB epilogue the h H son and newborn daughter move to England to live in the family home the h's son's bone marrow transplant was a huge success and the H and h are ready to fill the 15 bedroom manor house with children for a very happy HP HEA Parts of this book are excellent The first half is extremely well done as JB builds a fairly convincing case for the young and slightly immature h to believe that the H just isn't that into her It is the second part that gets kinda iffy Mainly cause this H has to be dumber than rocks and I am not sure how he managed to be a huge successful lawyer The h blames her mad plan of stealing the H's motilators on grief and worry and for her part I believed her I wasn't as sure about the seekrit baby bit but if my husband had said the things the H said to her I probably wouldn't have told him either Especially since the h had to promise a DNA test four years later to get the H to believe he was the father of her son The other thing was the little boy did not act like a four year old he was like ten going on thirty but that was minor Mainly there was just a LOT of misunderstandings that cascaded into a big mess and while I did believe the HEA I was uncomfortable with the donor situationThankfully I will never have to make a choice like that cause I cannot imagine the horror and JB pretty much glossed over the h's decision making process JB relied a bit too much on the HP rule that says that all h's are devoted mums when fighting for their child's welfare and any action needed to carry that out is acceptable to explain the h's very dubious actionsBut the H went with it and he appreciated it plus his celibacy claim was believable so we can call this one a pretty decent whacktastic trainwreck with an avalanche HPlandia outing Would Valentine play Cupid When Zoe's baby arrived on February 14 it seemed only natural to call him Valentine But as far as Zoe was concerned Valentine had been the only romance in her brief marriage to Justin GiffordAnd since Justin had harshly declared that he never wanted to see her again she hadn't had the chance to tell him that he had a son But then the unthinkable happened Valentine became desperately ill and Zoe knew that she would do anything to save him even if that meant seducing her own husband I was a bit torn between 3 and 4 starsprobably of a 3 star read but bumped up for the originality The ill secret baby and heroine's reason for reconnecting were weel done The emotion was a bit surface i mean it was there to some degree but it could have been a lot wrenching Yes heroine was immature but that critcism is sillyisnt that what a 35 year old man gets when he marries an innocent 20 year old I think it's funny how so many people blame the heroine no matter what Hero was just as immature notwithstanding that he is a grown man and successful lawyer when he sees his wife's jealousy and hears how hurt she is that he went 3x a night with his lover but refuses to sleep in his wife's bed does he reassure her No rather than explain and reassure her he enjoys it mocks her for her jealousy and smugly LAUGHS at his young wife Brilliant move dreadful lack of communication on both their partsshe was 20 he was 35 so what's his excuse And he waits to tell her that he loves her until the marriage is falling apart Anyway I did like his fighting for his marriage and her determination as well I love how they both truly put the child first as well the should i really liked this book in spite of the initial immature behavior of the h but then she is young n easily manipulated by circumstances n th H doesn't help with his odd distant behaviorbut the reunion was a cracker for mei so like an h who sets out to seduce and does it with panacheof course her reasons r very different and i like the way that trope is handled too view spoilershe needed to get pregnant as her son Valentine i love that name needs a bone marrow matchn even better was that they ultimately dint need the baby's BM as the H was a match hide spoiler Ok so this hero is an asshole no argument there He appears to be a cheating husband and appears that he married heroine only for money yet he does NOT offer her a proper explanation apart from honey we need to talk Yet he sees her with a man who's old enough to be her father his wife has repeatedly told him she loves him and that's why she can't stay with him knowing his betrayal but he just jumps to the conclusion that no my callousness has nothing to do with her departure she must be a whore and having an affair And starts calling her 50 different namesSHE was a GREAT match for him you don't offer me explanation for the OW's bitchyness or my uncle's involvement in marriage or separate bedrooms you're calling me whore yet you're not going to give me a divorce and confirming that you prefer your career over me fine keep the money i'll keep your baby and i'll pretend I'm the whore you think I am ScoreWhere the whole thing came togetherI actually completely believe that hero was celibate during separation Mostly because as his half sister said he was disgusted at himself for driving his wife away the idiot who is apparently an international lawyer thought by his uber sex drive when it was the other way around Talk about ironicHowever THAT kind of blow to one's ego does make one assess themselves and the last thing one would have after that would be a raging sex drive He according to his half sister basically crawled back to his old life and just didn't even look at anyone else Actually to be honest what she confirmed was that he was celibate since heroine has become 18And I DO believe itHowever despite him treating his wife as a whore which hurt HIM than her since she had made it abundantly clear that THAT is exactly what he's doing and she's letting him do it because of their son way to blow off your husband's already battered ego woman he cared He just didn't know what to do Since he already hurt her by that treatment he now has no way to get back to her good books apart from crawling on his stomach to her feet which he didn't wanna do so now it's a vicious circleHowever despite his superficial hatred for his wife he actually kept paying for her while he actually thought she was living with her lover And the money was his own because her uncle actually didn't leave her much He also still bought the her childhood home and despite the her supposed infidelity and his complete fidelity during the separation the idiot was ready to take back the wife the moment she wanted back Thus the no divorce I don't actually know how to describe this hero sheer idiot or romantic He believed his wife's declaration that she has not cheated on him and that IS in fact true however it was crystal clear that he'd have taken her back either way I am gobsmacked for an alpha he is justI have no word for it No really he'd really have taken his cheating wife back without much retribution Not only that I had a distinct feeling he'd also actually drop all the name callings as they were talking and he actually started acknowledging his part in the marriage breakdown So an alpha hero who is willing to take back his cheating wife who'll probably never in his right mind call her a whore again he's a gonerHeroine I truly hated her for keeping the child a secret HOWEVER please realise this is my personal opinion it'd have been impossible for me to tell my husband who has just call me a whore and a bitch that oh btw I'm pregnant and the time would pass the difficult it would be So I personally have forgiven her Upon Re ReadingI now love this book I know I know I've done this before I hated it the first time around And yes it has some serious issues But I guess I can speed read through the parts I don't like when I'm re reading and get to the parts I do likeAnyhow this is now on my favorite re read shelfI'm changing the rating from 15 stars to 4 Because I canNew Grade 4 starsOld Review 152 starsPretty much hated this one Will not re read HA BIG FAT LIAR I AMHaving 1 or 2 Big Misunderstandings is than enoughI think this book had about 397 Big Misunderstandingsit felt like a new one cropped up on every page It was utterly ridiculous and soooooooo frustratingThis book should be re titled A LESSON IN READER FRUSTRATIONUghpunches self in eye Okay now I feel slightly better This book is a very sweet Valentines day romance which is perfect because It's almost Valentine's day Zoe the heroine is 14 when she first meets Justin the hero he's 28 He very sweetly comforts her while she is grieving the death of her parents and she instantly develops hero worship and a teenage crush On her 18th birthday she realizes she doesn't just have a crush she's in love with Justin and is devastated when he brings a girlfriend to her party She tries to seduce him which doesn't work out and they spend the next two years avoiding each other This is a relationship which is fraught with misunderstandings many of them due to Zoe's youth and immaturity but some related to Justin's over protectiveness and lack of communication They get engaged on Valentine's day marry one month later and separate a couple of months later When Zoe runs away she doesn't know she's pregnant and then decides not to tell Justin Their son is born on Valentine's day Three years later the baby is seriously ill and needs a bone marrow transplant and Zoe has to tell Justin they have a child and the misunderstandings just continue This could be a really awful book where you hate the Hh and yet it's not Both the Hh are likeable with very realistic problems and flaws and there is a believable HEA There were many many reasons NOT to like this book but I found myself really liking it for one reason THE HERO WASN'T A COMPLETE LOSER IDIOT LOL Sorry but it's so often the guy's fault and this time around the blame could and was spread around Don't get me wrong there were a few moments when he deserved the title TSTL but he rose to the occasion owned up to his responsibilites and didn't get all pissy like he could have with the heroineOf course the heroine was young and our hero should have known better but then we'd have no story rightI also appreciated the inclusion of a real life drama often faced by many parents the potentially terminally ill child Life happens and it's not always reflected in these types of novels Of course we mostly read them to escape real life but I appreciate the wake up call knowing full well that many many families do not have the happy ending of this fictional familyAll in all well worth the buck I spent This was such an intense emotional readtwo people who love each other but still cause of lack of communication and age gap there is loads of misunderstandings leading to seperationpainangerhurt but their child brings them back togetherJoe and Justine two people who meet through Zoe's unclethere is instant attraction from both the sides but Justin is reluctant cause he is 35 years of age and Zoe is merely 18 so he keeps his distance and Zoe tries to get his attention but seeing him with another woman makes her jealous and breaks her heart but then cause of circumstances somehow they do get married but again cause of gossipsZoe just listening to half information and never trying to get full truth out jumps to wrong conclusions and Justin withdrawing himself in work leads to n of anger and misunderstandings finally Zoe goes away Now its been 4 years Zoe is now a emotionally grown mature woman and also a mother to their son Val but he is really sick and needs bone marrow and doctor says to get pregnant again cause the sibbling can be a match so Zoe returns and informs Justin of their son who is really angry but forgives Zoe and they start againin midst of all this they are back together and Zoe Justin both are happy and Justin is a match but then the truth comes out about Zoe trying to get pregnant and she lies to Justin she was protected again they grow distantThen Zoe this time talks with Justin and all misunderstanding are cleared and both realise their faults and accept their share of mistakes leading to seperationbut now they are together again and get their HEAReally liked how Zoe was shown to be emotionally so immature but over the 4 years she has really growntheir relationship broke cause of lack of trust and communicationJustin has given up so much just to be with Zoe but Zoe went on making mistakes and even Justin withdrawing himself in work which they both accept and this time their love passes all the hurdles and they have their happiness and family back together Good read I always enjoy a good book by Jacueline Baird but this is not one of my favorites I just could not get past the lies manipulation and immaturity of the heroine

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Jacueline Baird was born on the 1st of April at home in a small village Northumbria England UK where she raised She went to the local village school and later an all girls' grammar school where she passed the University of Oxford General Certificate of Education in various subjects On leaving school she joined the civil service in the then Post Office departmentShe met her husband Jim whe

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