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Gulliver's Travels and Other Writings This revision of the Norton Critical Edition of Gulliver's Travels has made it possible to give representation to the works on Swift and the Travels that have appeared during the last decade The section of criticism while retaining all the essays of the first edition has been enriched with new essays by Allan Bloom Paul Fussell Jr C J Rawson and Edward W Rosenheim JrNew to this edition is a section consisting of the five delightful poems Verses on Gulliver's Travels by Pope which appeared initially in the 1727 edition The section of correspondence has been enlarged to include of Swift and to introduce the voices of Pope Gay and Arbuthnot who record their own and London's reactions to this most remarkable of volumes The text of Swift's letters is based on Harold Williams' monumental edition of the CorrespondenceThe bibliography has been thoroughly revised and updated

About the Author: Jonathan Swift

Jonathan Swift was an Anglo Irish satirist essayist political pamphleteer first for Whigs then for Tories and poet famous for works like Gulliver's Travels A Modest Proposal A Journal to Stella The Drapier's Letters The Battle of the Books and A Tale of a Tub Swift is probably the foremost prose satirist in the English language and is less well known for his poetry Swift published al

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    Let’s face it Jonathan Swift was a snarky snarky bitch Gulliver’s Travels is like a giant pimp slap across the human race face and I am so glad I finally read this in a non school non structured environment because I had a whole lot fun with it this time around Swift’s wit insight and delivery are often though

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    Okay I didn't finish this sucker It was poor I was kind of shocked I was thinking why does no one point out that this is a giant rip off of Honey I Shrunk the Kids and Honey I Blew Up the Kid? It's painfully obvious I don't see why this Danial Defoe mope has not had his ass sued maybe he avoided that by writing his ripoff in

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    And he gave it for his opinion that whoever could make two ears of corn or two blades of grass to grow upon a spot of ground where only one grew before would deserve better of mankind and do essential service to his country than the whole race of politicians put together I don't think there will ever be a time when Gulliver's Travels

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    Oh manThis book was sheer torture The writing was dry and bland and boring Swift had some really interesting ideas An island of people no larger than your finger Another island with people that are 60 feet tall A floating island an island of scientists the island of Yahoosbut the execution was hard to appreciate I came very close to putting th

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    This was my favorite reuired reading in high school well actually probably tied with Animal Farm It was a very pleasant and unexpected surprise The reference points I had were cartoon retellings of this from my youth I only really had an image of Gulliver vs the Lilliputians and that was only the most basic giant in a land full of very small people sto

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    Jonathan Swift 1667 – 1745 writes towards the end of his book an author perfectly blameless against whom the tribe of answerers considerers observers reflecters detecters remarkers will never be able to find matter for exercising their talents Had Swift known GR he would probably have included “reviewers” in the above sentence This thought warns me agains

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    Another excellent invention of the Laputan Academy is a kind of fellowship or club which they call in their language Sdaerdoog or superior literature; and indeed the name does not belie the thing for it is uite the most superior manner of enjoying literature yet devized Noting that every man will be well acuainted with the great books of the world yet few have the incli

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    Everyone remembers poor Gulliver in breeches and three cornered hat pinned down with cords on a beach by an army of minute soldiers A young boy’s nightmare no doubt but there is much to this book than this rosy image reproduced endlessly on the pediments of toy shops and theme parks This is indeed an astonishing book Gulliver’s Travels into Several Remote Nations of the Wor

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    I picked this up to do a re read Out side of the Lilliput part of the story I remember little about this I read it over 20 years agoThe book is several different stories told by Gulliver on his wild travels They are 1 Lilliput the most famous one people know this story for2 Brobdingnag the opposite of lilliput He goes to a land of giants3 Laputa Balnibarbi Luggnagg Glubbdubdrib and Japan

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    So much than just a fantastical tale of a man journeying to mystical lands This is thinly veiled satiresuper thinA seafaring Englishman ends up in four fairytale worlds where people are small gigantic smarties in the maths and where people are horses By the second journey you'd think he'd be done with all this but in the end he's done with humans and has trouble living amongst his own kindWritte

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