Animals Their past and futurethe classic theological

Animals Their past and futurethe classic theological treatise on animal rights In this essay George Hawkins Pember opens up the realm of the fantastic Imagine a world in which animals are endowed with speech and they do not stalk one another for food Imagine a time when humans and animals alike will be redeemed By examining scriptural references to animals including an extensive look at the four headed Cherubim Pember helps uncover the history and destiny of animals in the Kingdom of GodThis essay by eminent nineteenth century British scholar and Bible expositor was originally issued by Hodder and Stoughton of London as a pamphlet with no publication date Its few pages and narrow focus set it apart from the imposing volumes that comprise the body of Pember's workIts brevity notwithstanding this remarkable treatise stands as a model of the author's unassailable scholarship and courageous determination to examine social issues in the light of biblical truthPember does not preach here He simply investigates God's Word and allows his readers to draw conclusions about their dominion over God's living creatures

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