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Bonded In Brazil FAMILY IS EVERYTHING A few missed loan payments and a family of Brazilian vintners stands to lose the fruits of four generations of labor To save the business devoted daughter Eliana Menino strikes a deal of her own to work off the family debt in service to the man she calls demonio devilishly handsome private investor Hale ForesterMORE THAN SHE BARGAINED FOR Uprooted from her childhood home in exotic Brazil to work for Hale at his sprawling Napa Valley estate Eliana soon realizes that the ruthless man who can make or break her family has a secret past and the power to break her heart

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    Eliana Menino is a very strong woman When she learns that her father has missed a few loan payments to their investors and their family vineyard is about lost after four generations of hard grueling work she steps in to make a deal of her own She offers to work off the debt herself in service to a man she calls DemonioShe has never left her beautiful home in Brazil but when Hale Forester agrees to her terms she leave

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    A modern day exotic Jane EyreFamily is everything to Eliana When her family vineyard is threatened by foreclosure and her dad is on his hands and knees pleading she makes a deal with Hale Forester the handsome man behind the loan She’ll work off the debt by working for him in his California home Meanwhile she has to leave her family and her homelandWhile Eliana loves her father dearly Hale wants to forget his His life has

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    When you get a review book by an author you don't know about what do you do? I get all jittery Will I like it? Hate it? But only one to find out and open the damn book so I did and it blew all my expectations It wasn't what I thought it would be but needless to say I enjoyed it It's such a sweet and a tad spicy romance story about a feisty young woman bonded as a servant to the 'Demonio' As Eli attempts to save her family legacy f

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    OK – well the pragmatist in me found the part of the plot to be – well uite frankly unbelievable even for a light and fluffy read The logistics of Eli flying to the USA the very next morning without a visa and passport seemed improbable Yes she may have had an up to date passport I know I do but a visa? Still I decided I was being too picky and allowed myself to continue reading and ended up enjoying the story It was a nice romantic

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    I liked this story just fine The characters I was torn on I actually liked Hunter I thought he was sweet and compassionate especially after finding out what his lame ass partner did behind his back Eli on the other hand I could not enjoy her character at all She was constantly jumping to conclusions which annoyed the hell out of me and she got over her initial hatred of Hunter pretty darn uick She started liking him for really no reason in part

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    I enjoyed this book very much Despite a busy schedule I finished in 2 days I contribute the lovable heroine to my need to finish I connected immediately with Eliana though we have nothing in common than the fact we are both women She's wonderfully written fierce and funny gentle and kind I rooted for her from the start and loved her braveness in the face of every obstacleEllis writes steamy scenes you'll fall into head first and captivating tender mo

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    Let me say at the outset that I never read these types of romances but since I love many things about Brazilian culture and people and I needed something for the treadmill I thought why not? Formulaic yes it was stereotypical too in its characterizations of the sensual Brazilian beauty and the coldyet virile and handsome young American businessman Nevertheless I found myself liking the couple and the secondary characters and interested in how they would reso

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    I have to say I'm getting tired of the protagonist always being happy at the end of the book when she finds out she's pregnant It's getting tired Anyway I liked the discussion of the cultural differences between Brazilians and Americans and the story was nice

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    Kindle freebie

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    Satisfying romance novel I'm a total chick

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