Tramp Stamp Club PDF/EPUB ☆ Tramp Stamp eBook

Tramp Stamp Club Laura discovers an exciting world filled with sexual exploration and fulfillment after being introduced to the Tramp Stamp Club by her best friend KarenHesitant at first but than excited to change her mundane sex life and learn what it really means to be a Slut WifeFollow Laura as she completes her Slut Wife Training in an effort to obtain her own Tramp StampFilled with sexual activities that only the bravest women would commit to Laura finds the secret power and seduction known only by the Tramp Stamp Club members Warning 18 ONLY This title contains erotic situations graphic language slut wife training oral bisexual threesomes foursomes light bondage anal lesbian dildo and public sex

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About the Author: Laura Cooper

I obsess over all things naughty and spontaneous Growing up in the deep Romantic South I was raised in a prominent family who prided themselves on their ability to appear normal to other socialitesIn the eyes of those who see me in the luxurious downtown Charleston shops I am the typical southern woman In the eyes of those who know me best I am a sensual creature who thrives on spontaneous s