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The Divided City A young man lies bleeding in the streetIt could be any street in any city But it's not It's Glasgow And it's May the marching season The Orange Walks have begunGraham doesn't want to be involved He just wants to play football with his new mate Joe But when he witnesses a shocking moment of violence suddenly he and Joe are involved With Catholics and with Protestants With a young Muslim asylum seeker and his girlfriend With all the old rivalries and fears A gripping tale about two boys who must find their own answers and their own way forward in a world divided by differences

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    I'm sure this book has salient points to deliver about football hooliganism hatred of the unknown whether it be religion culture or anything else the background of the Orange Order and I'm sure that this would make an interesting read for a football fan in their early teens At least I guess there may be a way to connect to the football aspect of it

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    I cannot dislike the book which keeps so precise and true descriptions and thoughts about my favourite game football The dialogs about it are brilliand because they are very logical and they are written very competent even though the author is a woman It doesn`t prevent me from comprehension that one of the tasks of penetration of this theme into the boo

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    When I finished this book I was a bit puzzled I still couldn't understand that the whole city is divided into two parts having different religions different traditions different football teams If there are so many differences what connected these groups? Why there are living together?Nevertheless I was so deeply impressed by this book because it was written b

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    Devided city written by Theresa BreslinDevided city is a really nice book and the book is easy to read the book is really likable if you like footbal and when you like the Scottish competition I knew a lot of the Scottisch competition before is started to read this book but when I started to read this book I realized how many hate their was between the supporters

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    I mostly liked this book It describes the story of two boys who belong to different religions Also they support different football teams It seems that one has to treat another just like another stranger and best be on his way out Atmosphere in which live each of them should have big influence on them But they become good friends although they have different world outlo

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    I read this book because my daughter read it in school as part of a project on sectarianism and I was curious in a Glasgow school so very relevant and I have to admit the book hits the nail on the head Being a teenager in Glasgow in the early ninety's ok a bit before this is set I've seen old firm day violence been in the city centre on dreaded orange walk days and remember

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    One night Graham surname never specified is taking a short cut against which his parents have repeatedly warned him – on his way home from football training when he witnesses a gang chasing and stabbing a young lad whom they call “asylum scum” Graham comforts the wounded boy Kyoul uses the mobile phone Kyoul has dropped to call an ambulance and accompanies him to the hospi

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    In our modern world there is way too much bigotry and discrimination based on the fact that we are not all alike Often this is based on misconceptions and frankly pure laziness in those who accept the soundbites and the status uo and don't look under the headlines Using two school boys in Glasgow who come from different backgrounds different schools different parts of the city and ar

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    This book is based on a realistic problem The most beautiful meaning is that two religious ways can come together by an adventure or a common sport The story goes about two boys Graham protestant and Joe Catholic Graham has really strict parents who don't want to know something about catholic people Joe lives with his father because his mom died Joe has to take care of his father They are

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    I would recommend this book for young adults who want to read about cultural misunderstandings outsiders and nationalismtribalism It's easy to pretend that we are all unbiased and fair but reading books like this one help to show that there is a side to every story including yours Also as an American living in Edinburgh I loved that the story is set in Glasgow The dialogue places and character

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