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The Ground Beneath Her Feet Knew it was my favorite book ever as soon as I read it Read all the others I'd said that about again just to be sure It was Rushdie's polyglot wordplay and his gift for pun Why is it that multi lingual writers like Rushdie and Nabokov are the most exceptional punsters? are irrepressible It's a transcontinental slightly fantastical elseworld story in which making music seems the most important thing a person can do Add to it all the burbling effusive joy with which Rushdie handles language and this book is pretty well hand tailored for me It's also the only place you'll ever find a shout out for the great poet John Shade I walked away from this book with many feelings but principal among them was boredom I have seen a lot of people labelling Tolkein's work as self indulgent Tolkein my friends was lyrical His book had heart soul His characters were weighed down by destiny and the strength of their choices Rushdie in the other hand is self indulgentI have read The Moor's Last Sigh Shalimar the Clown The Enchantress of Florence The Satanic Verses and The Ground Beneath her Feet by Rushdie and this was the book that let me down It had nothing of the erudite restraint of the Moor's Last Sigh the magical realism and haunting mysticism of Shalimar the Clown the uirky historical mystery of The Enchantress of Florence or the delicious ambiguity of The Satanic Verses The Ground Beneath her Feet is a rant Rushdie's attempt at retelling a great love story It has its moments but overall it falls hard and fails to land on its feetThe story revolves around the tumultous relationship between Ormus Cama and Vina Apsara two musical prodigies whose lives are intertwined irreversibly Shadowing them sometimes friend and oftentimes jealous voyeur is Umeed Rai Merchant photographer and a man hopelessly in love with Vina himself He narrates the story and is Rushdie's manic voice transmitted onto the pageThe story is an attempt at reworking the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice in a contemporary setting Vina is damaged goods and Ormus is unloved by his parents and brought up in an India in the throes of post colonial reinvention The first half of the book is the best and most moving part of this journey Set entirely in a Bombay filled with Englishmen Colonial sympathisers and anglicized Parsi Patriarchs Rushdie's magic is truly apparent as I was unable to stop reading the book for the first 300 odd pages Rushdie seems comfortable writing about his country of birth and of the city he favours most Bombay The heartache seems to resonate from the pages as a vindication of the agony of his forced exile This part also deals with a lot of amazing characters who you learn to love And then if I may use the name of one of the chapters in the book comes 'The Whole Catastrophe'This book is too myriad and jumbled to give you a proper summary of the plot Characters step in and out and there are the standard ridiculous coincidences and the heavy foreshadowing that Rushdie is famous for However as soon as the action steps over to England and America he loses the reader Perhaps he is not as comfortable writing about these places perhaps he just doesn't have the knack of making these foregn climes as attractive as the coast of Maharashtra for whatever the reason once the action shifts the book nosedives and never completely recoversAnd there was the science fiction Rushdie seems to have added some of his musings from his most hallucinogen induced dreams Sure the entire subplot of the time space continuum is a metaphor for the unstable times we live in where contradictions supplant our daily fare Sure Rushdie has a long history of superpower imbued and troubled heroes Sure it is even a little diverting interesting to see how all this pans out And then in the end Nothing No cataclysm no catastrophe no proper tying up of the threads of that particular subplot Just a wispy wraith on a chair giving an astral message and the plot is erasedThis book is unstable forgetting important characters for a long period of time giving space to characters who are moping and self indulgent read Vina and Ormus The lead pair was a tad annoying and considering they take up most of the space of the book I was extremely ticked off for the major partAnd there is the uestion of love Rushdie impresses upon the reader the importance of the 'Love' that Vina and Ormus shared Call me old fashioned but there is no love without fidelity and Vina dabbles in infidelity so rampant it makes Madonna look like a nun This entire concept of love being than shared bodies might appeal to some but not to me Love is fidelity Period Ormus Cama embodies this much than Vina Apsara ever does in this book all Vina seems to love is herselfThe ending is too contrived and too forced to make an impression It brought to mind the amazing ending scene in the World According to Garp by John Irving with none of the emotional whallop that moment packed By the time you reach the last few 100 pages the amazing and very real world of Post Colonial Bombay in the beginning of the book seems like a wonderful dream and the crazy pop culture inspired name dropping rant in the final pages which seems to go nowhere is just tediumNuff said I suppose Mr Rushdie if you want to impress us it takes a lot than just clever wordplay I either love or hate Salman Rushdie This book comes into the second category I'll never finish this book nor Haroun and the Sea of Stories nor the Satanic Verses Life is too short to plough through than the first 50 pages if you haven't got into it by that stage On the other hand though I will probably reread Shame and Midnight's Children once in a while I loved those books Having only read Midnight's Children by this author before I was actually a tiny bit terrified of trying this one especially on audio It wasn't nearly as hard to follow so the audio ended up being an excellent optionThe story is told by a man named Rai and covers the time from his first sight of Vina until after her death It tells the story of two lovers Vina and Ormus whose music is so compelling that it changes the world Throughout the story we also know that Rai is in love with Vina and has been from when he first laid eyes on her We get his personal view of these famous lovers and their triumphs and tragedies It starts with Rai at the age of 13 and tells the stories of the families as well We get to know them as teens and we learn their life story from well before their musical talents were knownThe story is supposed to be a retelling of the myth of Orpheus and after a review of Wikipedia I can see where those elements come in Rushdie turns it into a very compelling story of love and loss and a world that got broken along the way I really wanted to read this book and though I haven't read much else by him I really like Salman Rushdie But I just couldn't get into this Every time I picked it up I couldn't get through than 20 pages without putting it down and finding myself with no incentive to pick it back up again From October 2007 until about a month ago I hadn't even gotten through half the bookSuffice it to say I was not impressed I felt like it was just this long winded story of nothing There was so much irrelevant back story and unnecessary characters The story itself could have been told in 150 pages and half of the characters could AND SHOULD have been completely eliminatedAs if that wasn't enough I actually DISLIKED Vina Apsara Here's this 600 page story about TWO men and an entire world that are madly in love with this famous sexy self proclaiming free spirit and are completely destroyed due to her demise this you learn on page 1 but it takes 500 pages to loop back around to and I found her to be arrogant and pompousWhy would you even agree to marry someone especially someone who is madly in love with you and practices complete celibacy for over ten years if you just want to sleep with other men?I don't believe true love is giving your body to other peopleMaybe that's just meBut it made it extremely difficult for me to gain anything out of this novel when it's supposed to be the story of ultimate love and I rolled my eyes and found myself screaming at the male characters She's a bitch why do you even care about her??? I think Rushdie can be a bit daunting sometimes because he's really an intellectual through and through He fills his writing with countless references to mythology and history in a way that I find rewarding but some may find difficult Rushdie creates the story of a band and music that grows to epic proportions We follow the story of Rai a photographer who falls precariously in love with Vina in India while still very much a boy He basically devotes his whole life to Vina and the language is so strong that by the end you forget that these characters really are fictional and didn't exist Ormus who Vina is also in love with immediately recalls Freddie Mercury of the band ueen who has many similarities The other really engaging thing about this novel is following the characters especially Rai from India to England to America The only weakness is how it ends but I can forgive Rushdie this error as the rest of the writing in the novel is incredibly strong This was the second time I read this one i will confess that i started satanic verses key word started i read the first 10 15 pages and realized that i had NO idea what i was reading so i turned to a nifty cliff note thing on line and realized that what i had read and re read four times was the protagonists falling through the air after their airplane kabooms surprising to me and thats when i did not read any maybe some other dayi picked this one up hesitantly i wanted to read something by rushdie and a good friend of mine highly recommended this let's just say he has yet to fail me this is a brilliantly written story it's a soap opera a tale of lovers' woe there is not much surprise or originality in the love story in fact i didnt care about any of the characters much our diva is a selfish bi atch who does not deserve the love she gets her beau is an idiotic hopeless romantic and then there is the other hopeless romantic who pines for a woman and takes what he can get pathetic there was not one character i likedbut it is how the story is told that is fantastic it is the language of the story rusdie is a magician with words sometimes i would read the same sentence half a dozen times no word was misplaced or misused it was perfect i guess there is something to be said about writing un likable characters but still being so brilliant that your readers cannot help but to keep readingthat said i did not like the ending of the book the resolution how each character's life is resolved there is some mysticism in this as well which i still do not know how i feel about nonetheless it is an amazingly written novel a gem a beautiful and poetic novel oops i did it again i started it for the third time and i'm determined to finish and like it i intend the same thing with ulysses and foucault's pendulum i'll see about the rest if only i could get over the first 100 pages wish me luck i can't believe i paid 438 RON in 2005 to get this book well this might be just another reason for reading it ;U2 feat rushdie wrote a beautiful song based on the bookhttpwwwyoutubecomwatch?vh XKz24102008The only people who see the whole picture are the ones who step out of the frame i'm sort of happy i didn't read the book earlier i just discovered some cinematographic referrals to fellini bergman and godard i would have certainly skipped back theni still fail to picture rushdie's art deco ? bombay i can't separate india from malaria cholera or typhoidrai reminds me of nick carraway narrating gatsby's love story2610200870's Bombay through a photographer's lensesThere was too much money too much poverty too much nakedness too much disguise too much anger too much vermilion too much purple There were too many dashed hopes and narrowed minds There was far far too much lightand a beautiful tribute to James Joyce UlyssesThe hanged man and I were alone for a long time His feet swung not far from my revolted nose and yes I wondered about the heels of his boots yes when I got the ropes off I made myself approach him yes in spite of his pong like the end of the world and the biting insects yes and the rawness of my throat and my eyes sore from bulging as I puked I took hold of his heels one after other yes I twisted the left heel it came up empty but the right heel did the right thing the film just plopped down in my hand yes and I put an unused film in its place from my own boot yes and I could feel his body all perfume and my heart was going like mad and I made my escape with Piloo's fate and my own golden future in my hand yes and to hell with everything I said yes because it might just as well be me as another so yes I will yes I did yes27102008i have the feeling that if i update my reading status often i'll finish the book sooner i already imagine myself reading something light kinsella or smth similar ;pso far i don't like vina's character dunno why30102008After a tense initial period during which they sometimes see each other in the evenings with painfully awkward results they agree to meet only to rehearse with the other band members to discuss their finances and to perform They are never alone together any they never eat a meal or take in a movie in each other's company never phone each other never go dancing never feed animals in the zoo never touch Like divorced couples they avoid each other's gaze Yet mysteriously they continue to say they are both deeply irreversibly forever and a day in loveWhat can this mean?It means they are with each other constantly even while they are apartNo dear it means that they're both stupid Stupid oath Stupid Ormus for accepting Vina's eccentricities and caprices31102008some final notesrushdie is indeed a skillful writer and his use of language is absolutely beautiful i liked the many references he made to literature cinema and mythology though at some point i was fed up with remarks about orpheus and eurydicespeaking of the two mythological characters and the multiple connections between them and the larger than life characters of ormus and vina i prefer mortals like raii really don't get why rai and ormus would both worship the ground beneath vina's feeti'll reward myself with a whole box of chocolate for finishing this doh and one final thing it was the last place where i thought i'd read about ceausescu and targu secuiesc misspelled târgul sačuesc Salman Rushdie's most ambitious and accomplished novel sure to be hailed as his masterpieceAt the beginning of this stunning novel Vina Apsara a famous and much loved singer is caught up in a devastating earthuake and never seen again by human eyes This is her story and that of Ormus Cama the lover who finds loses seeks and again finds her over and over throughout his own extraordinary life in music Their epic romance is narrated by Ormus's childhood friend and Vina's sometime lover her back door man the photographer Rai whose astonishing voice filled with stories images myths anger wisdom humor and love is perhaps the book's true hero Telling the story of Ormus and Vina he finds that he is also revealing his own truths his human failings his immortal longings He is a man caught up in the loves and uarrels of the age's goddesses and gods but dares to have ambitions of his own And lives to tell the taleAround these three the uncertain world itself is beginning to tremble and break Cracks and tears have begun to appear in the fabric of the real There are glimpses of abysses below the surfaces of things The Ground Beneath Her Feet is I honestly was bored just a few pages into this one I don't even remember finishing it I think that as much as I loved The Satanic Verses Midnight's Children and The Moor's Last Sigh as well as Jaguar Nights Imaginary Homelands and Haroun and the Sea of Stories his other fiction just has not had the power to pull me in as much into his universe Apparently I am not the only one on GR to have been underwhelmed by this one so it will sink low on my to be read again when I am retired and read everything else on my tbr list

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Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie is a novelist and essayist Much of his early fiction is set at least partly on the Indian subcontinent His style is often classified as magical realism while a dominant theme of his work is the story of the many connections disruptions and migrations between the Eastern and Western worldHis fourth novel The Satanic Verses led to protests from Muslims in several coun

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