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Du Barry “Told with brilliance and an admirable sense for comedy Her Du Barry's later years are fittingly enough related in a mellow nostalgic key Entertained at first then moved the reader after the admirable final paragraph is left pensive Few books are published of which this could be said” J Christopher Herold “She Lived for Love Luxury and Louis” Saturday Review April 11 1959

About the Author: Stanley Loomis

Stanley Loomis was the author of four books on French history Du Barry 1959 Paris in the Terror 1964 A Crime of Passion 1967 and The Fatal Friendship 1972 Paris in the Terror was named one of the “books of the century” by the University of California Berkeley

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    I was given this book for Christmas by my father who found it in the “out of printpulp” section of the strand Certainly lives up to its pulp label full of gossipy asides on French aristocrats on whim Loomis seemed to feel personally but it was fun Didn’t know anything of Du Barry before but now I’d like to finall

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    Biografia interessante e ben scritta dedicata all'ultima favorita di Luigi XVEntrata nel dorato mondo di Versailles uasi contemporaneamente a Maria Antonietta la contessa Du Barry condivide con la delfina molto piu' di uanto la loro accesa rivalita' lascerebbe pensaregioielli meravigliosi abiti sontuosi castelli amicizie illus

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    So I'm not sure if this is UITE five stars because I may be biased because it's Madame du Barry but this is again one of those books that I enjoyed and as I read it I will always have a soft spot for Madame du Barry and this book only added to that She is a woman with a reputation damaged by years and years of slut shaming and it'

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    This book was a pleasure to readVery beautifully written with brilliantly droll commentary by the author Loomis I made note of at least 20 uotable passagesI should note that I am not even interested in the subject matter du Barry Louis XV or the French Revolution I don't recall how I came to own this book But I thought I might read it an

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