A Monstrous Regiment of WomenA Novel of Suspense Featuring

A Monstrous Regiment of WomenA Novel of Suspense Featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes A Monstrous Regiment of Women continues Mary Russell's adventures as a worthy student of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and as an ever skilled sleuth in her own right Looking for respite in London after a stupefying visit from relatives Mary encounters a friend from Oxford The young woman introduces Mary to her current enthusiasm a strange and enigmatic woman named Margery Childe who leads something called The New Temple of God It seems to be a charismatic sect involved in the post World War I suffrage movement with a feminist slant on Christianity Mary is curious about the woman and intrigued Is the New Temple a front for something sinister When a series of murders claims members of the movement's wealthy young female volunteers and principal contributors Mary with Holmes in the background begins to investigate Things become desperate than either of them expected as Mary's search plunges her into the worst danger she has yet faced

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    I'm torn about this book Some of it I really liked some I didn't like at all If I were reading this instead of listening to audio I don't think I would have gotten past the first half of the book I didn't care for the character Veronica I didn't care for the character M

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    The continuation of The Beekeeper's Apprentice; Mary Russell meets through her friend Veronica Beaconsfield Margaret Childe who leads “The New Temple of God” a charismatic sect for women But could New Temple be a cover for something sinister? Several women have died

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    Posted to The Literary Lawyerca A Thinker's Mystery 45 Stars I was not disappointed with the second novel in this so far intelligent series by Laurie R King In this novel the author does an absolutely superb job of using the mystery to move the issues that the book contem

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    After reading The Beekeeper's Apprentice I decided to ride on the high of enjoyment I'd acuired while reading it and plunged straight into the next book in the Mary Russell series titled A Monstrous Regiment of WomenTo say that the title is intriguing is something of an un

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    This is the second in the Mary Russell series and it loses a star for its lame o mystery Mary Russell now in her early twenties takes the foreground as her mentor Holmes stays mostly in the background due to Mary's increasing independence and a rising sexual tension between

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    This is my favorite of the HolmesRussell series and one of my favorite books period I've read it innumerable times and keep coming back to it A beautiful blend of coming of age detection romance and gritty drama it gets at the heart of the series Mary Russell's friend draws

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    This is a solid entertaining follow up book in a stand out series I can’t say enough good things about this book and the series as a whole King isn’t afraid of putting her characters into uniue situations and is willing to touch on sensitive subjects such as religion She

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    Do be warned that I will do my best to keep spoilers out of the review and dutifully mark them when I accidentally include something but I probably won't catch everythingIn some ways I liked this book better than the first Then in others I didn't like itMary Russell was once a

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    2019 The Summer of Sherlock So after the first book of this series The Beekeeper's Apprentice I wasn’t sure what I thought of this iteration of the Sherlock Holmes story But this book is so much appealing I surrender I like this seriesThe biggest part of my change of mind may be the obvious feminism in this volume I love Mary Russell’s refusal to be hemmed in by the s of the day Cross dressing when that’s better for getting things done pursuing investigations not sanctioned by any man and just generally being in charge of her own life especially now that she’s inherited her family’s wealth and can reorder as desiredI think I also enjoyed this book because Mr Holmes played such a small part in it I mean yes he’s there but Mary is undoubtedly the main character and she is the one driving the plot King has ramped up the female presence in the detective story by orders of magnitude I’m also fond of Mary’s friend Veronica Ronnie There’s a woman who knows how to get shit doneI was also interested to read in the afterword that the third book in the series was actually written second Ms King needed to know where Mary was headed before she could write the book that actually got her to the destination So this may be volume 2 of the series but it was volume 3 in the writing process Information like this about the writer’s process is fascinating and I wish authors would write afterwords about their novels

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    As I put this book down at 2 AM I found myself thinking why was this book so delicious? I am not as enthralled with Mary Russell as I was after being introduced to her in Beekeepers Apprentice Maybe it is because now that I know her character there is less to learn about her I a

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