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Celtic Mysteries in New England Are you ready to solve a mystery One that disproves accepted archeology and history Then you need to get Celtic Mysteries in New England by Philip Imbrogno and Marianne Horrigan You see there are over sixty five mysterious small buildings throughout New England Archeologists dismiss them as root cellars from colonial times But if they are just root cellars why are there no records of them being made by the colonists Why is it that in one record a colonist — who found one already made and on his property — was told by a priest to avoid it Why is it that many are aligned to certain stars that are associated with the ancient Druids Why do some have intricate carvings on the walls In order to answer these and many uestions the authors start on a journey of discovery and take you along on a wild ride that threatens to shake the very foundations of history You will go along with them as they discover factual evidence of European explorers visiting the Americas nearly 1000 years before Columbus You will learn how the Druids came over and built these constructions as part of their religion In Europe such constructions are known to appear along lines of energy and power So are these You will discover how they are freuently the center for the appearance of odd lights and UFOs Scientific evidence shows them to be centered on weird magnetic field anomalies If you are ready to discover the Celtic past of the Americas you need to get this book It will also intrigue and thrill archeologists paranormalists and people who just want to know the truth

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    25 30 in usefullness to meI got it because I wanted inspiration on druids Which I figured meant something other than some historical something or other about them And I got the perfect couple of pages in hereThere were some interesting things too To me though the authors took some conjectures too far stated as facts th

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    Sort of hokey but I'm sure I would be scared if I went to one of these stone structures in the middle of the night I should take my kids to one on the way to Grandpa's house

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    The information presented is uite compelling Apparently the northeast United States is peppered with caverns constructed of stone and they are all very oldBrendan the Navigator a Celtic monk is cited as one possible source for building these things But even he may be predated by these cavernsAmerica has it's own Stonehenge in

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    Wow I didn't even know such chambers and standing stones existed I know about American Stonehenge of course and it makes sense that whatever culture created that did a lot in the area Now I can't wait to see all the chambers that are in public parks Amazing no one teaches this stuff in High School My favorite area mentioned is th

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    Interesting though I wished the author had not placed the time for the solstices and euinoxs as an exact day considering they can vary each year with the movements of the sun and planets I found out some interesting places to visit some as close as an hour drive away

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