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ERMAHGERD THIS BOOK WAS SO GOOD KATHERINE APPLEGATE IS MY FAVOURITE AUTHOR IN THE UNIVERSE THIS IS YA CONTEMPORARY AT ITS BEST PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE DUMB SERIES NAME OR THE SUSPECT COVER DESIGNIM GOING TO MARRY LUCAS CABRAL So I've just re read this gem The first five books of this series were translated into Czech and they were one of the very few non Czech young adult books available in my small town library I adored them and read them like 10 times so there's a huge amount of nostalgia involved but this was still entertaining and deliciously trashy I never got to continue with the series and I'm not pleased about the fact that the books were republished with updated culture references and stuff What's wrong with the original references It's dated anyway but the portrayal of a small town and how everyone knows about everything that happens is very authentic lol Oh my god I just found this book series here on goodreads and those were my absolute favorite books when I was growing up I read them all from my local library and everytime I walked in there I checked if they got new booksbooks I haven't readI remember that I thought the characters were totally interesting and I even educated myself in a few things because the characters loved them for example meteorolgyhahaIt must have been 13 17 years since I read them but I still remember the setting and the parts of the story My favorite characters were Nina Ben but I thought Claire was so fascinating too Haha Don't know if I would love them still today but they sure were great youth novels Probably one of my favorite series when I was a teen never did get to finish it They've all grown up together on a tiny island They think they know everything about one anotherbut they're only just beginning to find out the truthand it turns their world upside down New couples are formed friends become enemies and secrets and unearthedKatherine Applegate is the author of the hugely popular series as well as many other books for young readers She lives in Minnesota So this is a re read for me Probably my 3rd time reading if honestI first read this in secondary school when I was about 13 hahaI still love it now Full of drama between teenagersThis book had a definite plot twist which I rememberedAlso at the back of this old edition there's a cute short uizI really enjoyed this book and look forwards to re reading the 2nd This rating is for books 1 8 After those were written the series title was changed from Boyfriends Girlfriends to Making Out yuck Also they reshot all the cover photos using teens who didn't remotely resemble the characters Add to this the fact that the books became even like badly written teen soaps and were almost completely Zoey centric and they basically made books 9 28 unreadable Not that I could stop since by then I had to know what would happen But I do wish I could turn back the clock stop at #8 and just be glad to have had fun reading those few books pretty good book but definitely a book for teens relationships can be kind of confusing i read it several years ago but its been driving me crazy ever since that i was unable to finish the series because the library only had the first book so eventually id like to finish it i really want lucas and zoey to end up together i think they are perfect for each other but i was reading summaries on the books and found out that lucas eventually cheats on zoey with nina though only a kiss and i think she needs to make him work for them to get back together I first read this series when I was about 1213 I'd forgotten all about them until a friend mentioned Katherine Applegate and I suddenly remembered I wasn't sure they'd be as good as I remembered but they are The writing is good the dialogue is believable and the themes are not at all censored It surprises me just how much I've subconsciously remembered about the series and the characters I'm really glad it didn't disappoint second time round I read these during my early teens but I don't think I ever finished the series which is a shame I think I'd like to as I really loved them back then I'm not sure I would really enjoy reading them now though They were fun soapy sort of reads about a bunch of teenage friends who had grown up and knew each other pretty well All about love life and all that Zoey Fools Around

About the Author: Katherine Applegate

Katherine Applegate is the author of The One and Only Ivan winner of the 2013 Newbery Medal Her novel Crenshaw spent over twenty weeks on the New York Times children's bestseller list and her first middle grade stand alone novel the award winning Home of the Brave continues to be included on state reading lists summer reading lists and class reading listsKatherine has written three picture

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