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The Things a Brother Knows Levi s older brother Boaz returns from fighting with the Marines in the Middle East He s safe Levi s family has waited three long years for this But Boaz is no longer the brother Levi thought he knew Even if nobody else wants to see it, Levi can tell that Boaz has changed something s wrong When Boaz announces he s off to hike the Appalachian Trail, Levi knows he s lying He s heading somewhere else So Levi follows, determined to understand who his brother was, what he s been through, and how to bring him home again [PDF / Epub] ★ Longbow Girl ✪ Linda Davies – Levi can tell that Boaz has changed something s wrong When Boaz announces he s off to hike the Appalachian Trail [EPUB] ✻ On His Naughty List ❀ Jessica Jarman – Levi knows he s lying He s heading somewhere else So Levi follows [PDF / Epub] ☆ Fire Colour One Author Jenny Valentine – determined to understand who his brother was [Download] ➶ Invisible Wounds By Kay Douglas – what he s been through ❮Download❯ ➽ A City Possessed ➸ Author Lynley Hood – and how to bring him home again

About the Author: Dana Reinhardt

Why don t you have a bio section Because I hate writing about myself.But wouldn t that be easier than answering a whole bunch of FAQs Maybe Probably Go on So where are you from I m from Los Angeles, but now I live in San Francisco Except for the summers where I go back to Los Angeles in search of the sun What are you doing when you aren t writing Laundry, usually Sometimes dishes And I really like to walk near the Golden Gate Bridge Why don t you run instead of walk Running is hard And I m sort of lazy Have you ever had a real job Yes Of course I have I ve waited tables, worked with adolescents in foster care, read the slush pile at a publishing house, and fact checked for a movie magazine I also worked for FRONTLINE on PBS and Peter Jennings at ABC I went to law school, which I know doesn t count as a job, but hey, that was a lot of work What s your writing day like Do you stick to a routine I like to write in the mornings Sometimes that means I have to get up really early I try to write 700 words a day about three pages I know there are lots of writers out there who can write waythan that I know this because writers like to tell you about how many words they ve written on FACEBOOK So I try not to look at FACEBOOK when I m writing And anyway, I ve learned that 700 words are about all I m good for on any given day, and if I writethan that I usually end up getting rid of most of it later What, are you lazy or something I already told you I m lazy But seriously, 700 words are a lot of words 700 of them, to be precise Where do you get your ideas From someplace inside my head That s not really an answer.Yes, it is And it s as honest an answer as I can give Are your books autobiographical Not really I m not adopted, I ve never told a lie that sent someone to jail, I ve never built a house or had a brother go to war But there are always things in my books that come from my life or from the lives of the people around me It would be impossible to make up everything Why do you write young adult fiction Because I was a young adult when I fell in love with reading and I can remember how books made me feel back then How they provided both comfort and escape That might make me sound like a shut in, but I wasn t I was just open to the experience books offered, probablyopen than I am now as an adult And I like writing for that sort of audience What exactly is young adult fiction Lots of people have thought long and hard about this question and have had many intelligent things to say about voice and how YA books can t spend too much time on adult characters, etc I don t have anything to add to the debate except to say that YA should be a place to go in the bookstore or library if you are looking for a coming of age story, no matter how old you are Do you have a favorite book Yes Don t be coy, what is it To Kill a Mockingbird How come there aren t any vampires or wizards in your books Hmmmm good question Maybe I should write about vampires and wizards No, you shouldn t You wouldn t be very good at that.Thanks for the vote of confidence Did you wear a Soupy Sales sweatshirt when you were seven Does anybody even know who Soupy Sales is That s what the Internet is for Don t avoid the question.I m sorry, is this really a Frequently Asked Question No But, c mon, tell us anyway.Yes, I did But I m trying to portray myself as someone who wasn t a total loser So maybe you shouldn t bring that up And it also makes me sound ancient, which I m not Yet I had a Soupy Sales sweatshirt And I loved it It was yellow And really soft You re right It does make you sound like a loser.

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    I ve always been interested in how the relationship between guys works, especially brothers It s a relationship I can t experience myself, so my interest is peaked when I see a book about brothers.In this story we have two brothers, Levi and Boaz Boaz is the older brother who is perfect in every way, well at least in Levi s eyes Their family is surprised by Boaz s decesion to join the Marines and fight in the Iraq war They plead with him not to go,

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    I could easily read another couple hundred pages of this, but at the same time I think it s just long enough.It s concise, but beautifully written in its dryness the kind of writing that once in a while just hits you with a particularly piercing and visual sentence.It tells the story it wants to tell nothing , nothing less in about three hours of reading It s complete, but clearly, tangibly just a beginning.The relationship between siblings is something th

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    This is one of those books I think everyone should read As a wife of a military man and coming from a long line of military folks, I m already biased toward this book That said, I ll admit that this book was hard to get into at the beginning It moved slowly, was a bit confusing and aggravating the way nothing seemed to happen or change BUT, thinking back on the times I ve faced similar circumstances of soldier homecomings, this is exactly what it is like The auth

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    Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadToo.comBoaz is coming home That s what the reader learns early on Boaz is everything that the narrator, Levi, is not Boaz was the star athlete at school He could have his pick of colleges and scholarships And at least according to Levi , he had the most gorgeous girlfriend in the world But against everyone s wishes, especially their parents , Boaz enlists in the Marines.The Katznelsons had relocated to the United States from Israel Boaz s

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    I am currently on page 46 of 242 in The Things a Brother Knows So far I have enjoyed the book since it fits my tastes and is a realistic fiction book I will give a brief idea of the book so far without any spoilers This book is about a boy whose intelligent and successful brother enlists in the marines rather than going to any high level college of his choice The book doesn t show what happened durring the war, but what happened after His brother won t leave his room and has c

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    I don t often enjoy YA fiction, but I won t rule it out if it looks like a good story Actually, I m finding that I like YA realism in a stand alone format where there is little or no romance Anyway, I picked this up mostly because I saw the name Brother , and then I fell in love with the cover After I read the synopsis I had to take it home I picked up this book at 11 50 last night because I was tired, but not ready to go to bed and I needed something a bit lighter than On Writing to

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    The book The Things A Brother Knows by Dana Reinhardt is an extraordinary book I give this book four out of five stars because of all the wonderful things in it The book feelslike a true story and a lotrelatable to people because some people really do have family that go into the military and come back maybe a little less connected with their family My favorite thing about the book is the overall message because it is easy to relate to The message is that every life decision The book The Th

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    Levi s brother Boaz joined the Marines at age 18, a sudden and surprising decision for him He comes back after three years at war as Bo, who sleeps on the floor, hides in his room at all times, and refuses to ride in a car anywhere There absolutely needs to be books about this, because how many people see a brother, a husband, a son, a cousin, or a friend go to war and come back a different person The basic plotline is a good and important one.What didn t connect for me were the characters B Levi

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    A well written teen novel about soldiers returning home and the families who await them Boaz left home three years ago to enlist and fight in an unspecified foreign war His 17 year old brother Levi is struck by how different the returned Boaz is from the outgoing, popular boy that left Written from Levi s perspective, the author explores multiple relationships in order for each brother to realize what they know about each other and themselves This isn t a long book, and much of the story is A well writte

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    The Things a Brother Knowsfollows the story of seventeen year old Levi, whose older brother, Boaz, had just returned home after serving in the U.S military for three years Levi noticed that his older brother was different than what he was before he left home After investigating what his older brother was up to, he found out that Boaz is leaving home again to meet up with people that Levi doesn t recognize Levi decided to follow Boaz without him knowing in order to uncover his mysterious mot The Things a Brothe

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