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Fingersmith Londres 1862 A la veille de ses dix huit ans Sue Trinder l'orpheline de Lant Street le uartier des voleurs et des receleurs se voit proposer par un élégant surnommé Gentleman d'escrouer une riche héritière Orpheline elle aussi cette dernière est élevée dans un lugubre manoir par son oncle collectionneur de livres d'un genre tout particulier Enveloppée par une atmosphère saturée de mystère et de passions souterraines Sue devra déjouer les complots les plus délicieusement cruels afin de devenir avec le concours de la belle demoiselle de Briar une légende parmi les cercles interlopes de la bibliophilie érotiue Héritière moderne de Dickens mais aussi de Sapho et des Libertins Sarah Waters nous offre une vision clandestine de l'Angleterre victorienne un envers du décor où les héroïnes de mariages secrets en amours interdites ne se conduisent jamais comme on l'attendrait Un roman décadent et virtuose

About the Author: Sarah Waters

Sarah Waters is a British novelist She is best known for her first novel Tipping the Velvet as well the novels that followed including Affinity Fingersmith and The Night WatchWaters attended university earning degrees in English literature Before writing novels Waters worked as an academic earning a doctorate and teaching Waters went directly from her doctoral thesis to her first novel

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    lesbian dickensnow that i have your attention dana has been bugging me to write a review of this for the longest time and now that she is on vacation and out of my path for ten minutes seriously the girl moved to my town just so she could stand under my window all night calling hey heyyy write a re

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    This totally wonderful novel does exactly what the title says it fingers your myth it steals up on your soul and breathes down its neck and a shudder of pleasure is felt to the ends of all your extremities your brain will wobble your hair will vibrate strongly and your eyebrows will be thrust up and down

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    This novel for me all pastiche pasteboard and mirrors really irritated me principally because I could have read two good novels in the time it took me to wade through it For a start it’s way too long It’s not like Waters is serving up any profound insights into human nature or casting her eye over a wide pan

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    This is a Victorian murder mystery with a lesbian romance You will probably love it but even if you don't it's highly unlikely you will have read anything else uite like it

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    Wow What a remarkably compelling and atmospheric gothic tale A real treat for lovers of this genre or for readers who enjoy well written historical fiction with vivid and interesting characters and an errie sense of time and place This is what 5 Stars books are made of for me I loved this book and can’t believe I hadn’t

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    A tricky book to review partly because it didn't live up to my possibly unfairly high hopes and partly because I'm trying to write shorter punchier reviews but this was almost 600 pages long I have failedGreat ExpectationsWaters is an award winning historical novelist who specialises in the Victorian period and lesbian protagonists

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    Pigeons and pearls Perceptions and palpability I’d explain in detail but that would spoil all the fun Instead as elliptically as I can I’ll hint at their relevance with vague allusions Sue was an orphan in Victorian London raised among thieves Despite the fact that in the hierarchy of larceny her lot were never than petite bourgeoisie

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    It seems that Fingersmith is one of those books that people want to read but are not doing it for some reason I say this because I have 30 friends that added the title on their TBR shelf I was also one of them as I've bought the paperback two years ago and I only convinced myself to read it now I do not regret finally taking the plunge and I reco

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    455 stars I don't like to use this word but this book was definitely a mind fuck I went into it not knowing much about it other than that Sarah Waters has written it a lot of people have recommended it and I had previously read Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters so I wanted to read by her I LOVE that I didn't know what was coming because that made the reading experience so much intense I was in awe at several points in the book and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what was going on Sarah Waters plays with the reader and provides you with incredible plot twists and she manages to weave it all together perfectly through small details and descriptions that are repeated during the narrative I loved it I would like for everyone else to read this book without knowing too much about it and therefore I'm not going to say much else But trust me when I say that this book will pull tricks on you so if you like those kind of reading experiences you should definitely pick it up

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    Holy Crackers What a read I felt like Alice falling down the Rabbit Hole This story has twists and turns than a shopping cart caught in the wind in a Walmart parking lot When you commit to this one please know that it is heavy lifting at almost 600 pages Some parts are easily predictable while other parts leave you smarting from the surprise attackMany others

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