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Tutankhamun I haven't UITE finished it yet but in all honesty I hate to see it end and am putting off the inevitable until bedtime Drake weaves a fantastic recreation of what it may have been like during Tut's reign and this book is packed full of colorful descriptions of what are now ruins I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought the mystery engaging Can't wait to read his other books As a caveat my love of archaeology blossomed when as an adolescent I read The Lost ueen of Egypt the love story of Tut and Ankhesenpaaten My prized book possession Tutankhamun is the novel of the Rai Rahotep mystery series by Nick Drake set in ancient Egypt A handful of years have past since the first novel and Rahotep is back home in Thebes A series of horrendous murders and a number of mysterious gifts left for the king and ueen seem to be unrelated at first but soon are found to be integral to each other Drake packs uite a bit of detail into his novels and for some readers this overburdens this mystery thriller I would have to disagree The author has obviously researched the time period and pulled together a realistic setting filled with characters that inherent of the genre So the narrative formula is there with added flourishes that add to the story Rahotep is joined by some returning characters such as Kherty and Nakht The royal house is represented this time by Tutankhamum I thought Drake wove in the boy king personality well including an event that may have resulted in his death The author even speculates the tomb for the king had originally been in preparation for another high ranking royal official As with the first novel readers who are fascinated by Ancient Egypt are going to be drawn to this story than probably those who are interested in a straight up mystery thriller story I would like to hope that Drake will extend his trilogy and continue the series past the three novels since he has a fantastic voice and gift for writing historical narratives BlogYoutubeTwitterInstagramPinterestBloglovinRahotep returns and finds himself in another mystery where the stake are higherThe author did a wonderful job in incorporating Tutankhamun’s history in a detailed manner with the plot In some ways this story was even better than the first book because of its multiple plots While the main mystery is about the dead boy Rahotep finds himself involved in other mysteries like the shocking incident that happens to the King and ueen at the Opet festival and the figurine that Ankhesenamun shows himMoreover I liked that Rahotep is confident and self assured in this novel Similarly Tutankhamun is wonderful in the role and the author wrote him in a complex way I loved the philosophical dialogues between Rahotep and Tutankhamun as they embark their political trip and hunt Ay and Horemheb are interesting as the darker character However I missed seeing few memorable characters like Mahu and Ramose from Nefetiti But we do get some new characters in the canvas like Khay and Simut who are eually interestingHowever while the story is very nice it was not as compelling as the first book Mainly the story seemed to shift focus in between from the murders to the trip they take for the hunt The book felt disconnected from the previous book Nefertiti This is good in a way as it you can read it as a standalone However I had hoped there was some continuation from the previous bookThe climax is gripping at the catacombs and sets pace for the next book in the series Overall this was very entertaining and a good addition to the series While a good mystery is always enjoyable when that mystery is mixed with history it's even better Such is surely the case with TUTANKAMUN Intrigue rich atmospheric detail and twists than are found in the narrow streets of ancient Egypt are seamlessly woven by Nick Drake Nefertiti to produce a can't put down tale Our narrator is Rahotep a detective in ancient Egypt's police force Happily married he is the father of four three daughters on the cusp of womanhood and a young son Yet despite the many blessings life has given him he still cannot resist intrigue a mystery to be solved In fact he is known as a “Seeker of Mysteries” He need not look far in our story Rahotep is first called upon to investigate a truly sadistic murder – a young man's bones have been broken and his eyes removed It is a particularly gruesome crime At the same time Tutankhamun the young king is the recipient of frightening gifts which than disconcert him Ankesenamun daughter of Nefertiti now not only Tutankhamun's ueen but his half sister calls upon Rahotep to find out who is responsible for these terrifying gifts and also protect the king and ueen Not an easy task as there are enemies within and without The actual power in the palace is an evil man the elderly Regent Ay His enemy is Horemheb – obviously the political climate is highly charged When another eually ghastly murder is committed Rahotep begins to believe that somehow the killer and the implicit messages in the king's gifts are related Tutankhamun and his wife want to claim the power that is rightfully theirs but unknown forces are aligned against them using fear as a major weapon It is not long before Rahotep realizes that what he is learning may very well place his family in jeopardy TUTANKHAMUN is alive with vivid descriptions of daily life beliefs held at that time political factions and For this reader those descriptions sometimes seemed so lengthy that the narrative movement was hampered Nonetheless for those interested in ancient Egypt particularly at the time of Tutankhamun will find much to satisfy them Gail Cooke I was honestly not impressed with this book It moved way too slowly and I didn't care about any of the characters or what happened to them Even the King and ueen were extremely dull The two storylines seemed completely disjointed and not connected as they supposedly were Tutankhamun's death was anticlimactic and disappointing The reveal of the serial murderer at the end was also anticlimactic The only good thing I can say is that it was very historically accurate and that is always appreciated If I had not gotten this book from a family member and encouraged to finish it I wouldn't have The second book in this series is much like the first an interesting historical mystery that too often at least for me gets bogged down in description and language to the detriment of pace and plottingRahotep is a melancholy poet turned investigator who gets pulled into the intrigue of the palace during the reign of the famous Tutankhamun What seems a simple investigation into mysterious objects found in the palace turns into a mystery that may cost Rahotep everything and puts the future of Egypt at riskThe characters and backdrop are interesting but too often Drake a poet and playwirght insists on detailed descriptions of both interior ie emotional and exterior scenes to the point that the story loses its pace Rahotep is supposed to be a uniue perspective agnostic when it comes to the gods introspective and prone to uestion everything too much musing and description means less tension and actionThose who like historical mysteries with lots of details may disagree 0318 page 85 Slogging along Perhaps I'm just not in the mood for Egyptian mysteries I haven't particularly liked any others and I'm not really a fan of Amelia Peabody either 0324 page 174 This is proving impossible for me to finish Sigh 0326 page 186 I give up I am just not in the mood to trudge to the end of this book I don't care about anyone in it It's not that it takes place some 2300 years ago or that I know how it all turns out in the end Its that this author doesn't have the talent to make me care A fascinating story based on historical knowledge of the reign of 19 year old Tutankhamun It is both historical fiction and a thrilling detective story which shows that people and politics are not so different now from then Several murder descriptions are grim but are only elaborated as much as is necessary for the plot development Perfect for fans of Conn Iggulden Wilbur Smith and Robert Harris this is vivid and fascinating historical murder mystery set in Ancient Egypt from bestselling author Nick Drake Full of surprises twists and turns this is a glorious riveting historical thriller TESS GERRITSENRahotep like C J Sansom's Shardlake is a detective at the very heart of his historical era DAILY EXPRESSAt times I held my breath waiting for him to suss out the mystery Reader reviewLoved everything about this book Reader reviewA KING IN DANGER A BATTLE TO STAY ALIVE On the shadowy city streets the cryptically mutilated bodies of several young people are discovered These brutal acts are destabilizing a ruthless regime already unstable thanks to corruption and the appalling divide between rich and poorMeanwhile Tutankhamun at 18 has inherited an empire that should be at the height of power and glory But he faces only a Court full of conspiracies and plotting and a bitter struggle for powerAnd when his own security is threatened by an intruder in the palace he needs an outsider he can trust to track down the traitor Rahotep receives a mysterious invitation to the labyrinthine halls of the Royal PalaceBut what he discovers at the dark heart of power will put his life and his family in grave dangerRahotep's adventures continue in Egypt The Book of Chaos Have you read Nefertiti his first adventure The boy king is brought to life in this mystery from ancient EgyptEnjoyed this read

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Nick Drake was born in 1961 He lives and works in London His first book length collection The Man in the White Suit Bloodaxe Books 1999 was a Poetry Book Society Recommendation won the Forward Prize for Best First Collection in 1999 and was selected for the Next Generation Poets promotion in 2004 From The Word Go was published by Bloodaxe Books in 2007 His most recent projects include a

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