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Dmitry's Closet The Medlov Crime Family #1 One Hot Mess Sigh Sadly I think I am going to have to DNF this book Bummer because it has gotten many good reviews and the author appears to have some good ideas and i was really looking forward to this oneBut in all seriousness I can't concentrate on trying to follow the story of the book when I keep getting yanked out of it by terrible editing and grammatical issues I found myself using my dictionary and highlight function on my kindle on almost every page I'd read a word and think to myselfdid she mean to say that? or I don't think that word means what she thinks it meansFor instance His baritone treble was silky smooth Well which is it? A baritone is a low pitch just above a bass a treble is the highest pitch of all and is considered shrill Another sentence the building sic inside was alive with music lights and boxes all being animated by Royal who had the stereo blasting as she worked Animated?By the time I got to this over done sentence Tell me what happened she demanded reaching over into the distinctively expensive French silver plated bronze brass champagne bucket to open the unopened bottle of Louis Roederer Champagne Cristal Brut Rose I knew this was not the book for me It may seem overly nitpicky but when the editing errors loom larger than the story then that becomes part of the reading experience And to be fair it wasn't solely the editing I had some credulity issues right from the beginning with Royal being hired right off the street given this dream job great apartment etc I get that Dmitry isn't on the up and up and has his reasons for doing what he is doing but Royal's absolute lack of skepticism annoyed me That and the fact that she thinks nothing of accepting 2 carat earrings and other similarly expensive from her new 7 foot tall boss just noAs I look back I see that I had only gotten through 11% of the book and yet my notes and highlight take up 4 pages Not good In a word Bad Other words that apply Execrable Absurd Shallow RoughAnd I mean rough y'all To be fair I kind of knew that going in but I thought to myself How bad could it be? Yeah see below He was swaggering around Memphis with a walk that somehow tooted that his big feet may be a definite sign that he was somehow than blessed in all the right departments This Sentence The diamonds that Dmitry had given her that afternoon inspired her to also purchase a pair of French lace panties and bra that a year ago would have almost paid for her tuition Two seconds before she was an orphan without a job Say what now? Tuition? Bish please He swaggered over to her stopped at the doorway and leaned like normal against the threshold OO WUT This is the part of the date where you invite me inside of your home and I rip you apart under the sheets he whispered jokingly She had just accidentally blurted out that she was a virgin and THIS is what he says to her at the end of their date? RUN ROYAL RUN When Dmitry heard the door he smiled and shook his head Royal is virgin he sang aloud smiling to himself happy that he had discovered such a treasure The fuck? I half expected him to skip home Was this guy dropped on his head as a baby? The attention made Royal extremely self conscience WhoopsIn conclusion I can't I'm not obsessive about spelling or punctuation really But some basic editing might have made this book readable Might haveAs it was I had to laugh aloud several times where I was not supposed to laugh So for example her pierced lips when the author meant pursed lips Dozens of errors of this kind I haven't looked at the editorial history of the novel but it feels as though it was translated into English by somebody who doesn't speak the language very wellIf I try to put this issue aside the story itself stretches credibility to the breaking point If this were supposed to be fantasy maybe I could buy some of this but as it is I found it almost insulting Basic geometry should tell you that a man who is 7' tall and a woman of average height cannot be face to face in the missionary position Not unless he's a contortionist Basic good sense should tell you that these two characters so different in almost every way would suddenly commit to each other the way they do And the worst thing in my opinion she's African American but only in terms of her skin color which is described as 'caramel' so often I started to wonder where I had Aunt Helen's recipe for caramels which went over so well a couple years ago The color of the woman's skin isn't enough to establish her as African American The author hangs it on her like a piece of jewelry and nothing There are some really great authors out there writing African American romance with fully imagined characters This teetered on the edge of exploitationI usually try to find at least one thing that works for me in a story but this was a lost cause You might read it to study what not to do but I'm not sure the lessons learned would be worth your time or effort Reread August 5 2019 Which side reigns supreme? Royal asked Dmitry My viewsDmitry's Closet The Medlov Crime Family #1 was an EPIC MAFIA romantic suspense along with The Chronicles of Young Dmitry volume 1 7 I can honestly say that when it came to Dmitry Medlov and which side reigned supreme well with his supreme love to his shop girl Royal he was able to become a better man and lover With this couple it was not all about the sex either Accordingly Dmitry's life had never been easy but with Royal Stone he wanted and decided to give up the coded Vory v Zakone lifestyle while passing the torch to his 'hidden' and much deserved sonpredecessor Anatoly Medlov I am what I am Royal I've kept that away from you for your own good My kindness to you has been genuine; my love for you has been the same but there is another side of me Dmitry Medlov I won't kiss the ring man I didn't sign up for this shop girl Royal Stone I want a woman who is going to stand by me even when it's in her best interest to run#TeamDmitryMedlov ruled with a heavy hand but I'm glad that he was able to tell Royal some of his dark truths after the detention center stay But as far as Ivan Nicolae and Max were concerned karma really is a bithfyi if this book is ever re edited this would move to be a 5 star read for me4 riveting stars Update I decided to re read this while on vacation last week and it was incredibly painful On the first read I inhaled this novel within a day or two because I was just so fascinated by anti hero Dmitry I still am I still want to hit Royal upside the head with my trusty Clue Bat But yes there are absolutely UN FREAKING FORGIVABLE spellinggrammatical errors and sentences that had me scratching my head It's sad because with a decent editor one who doesn't believe every word is sacred this could be an incredible book It's wish fulfillment on steroids but in all honesty I had to re rate this a 25 to 3 The one star reviewers are correct if books like this are being showcased as the best IR romance especially IR featuring Black women has to offer sigh we've got a LOT work to do However this is also what happens when readers of color continue to be left out in the cold when it comes to genre fiction Black women are HUNGRY to be the romantic heroines who are the objects of single minded pursuit by a hunky hero Yes we're hungry to see ourselves as desirable and that sometimes means we'll grab and hold onto substandard books due to that hunger And sadly I believe some authors exploit this The original reviewBefore I begin this review I first want to thank Latrivia Nelson for some of the best customer service I've seen when it comes to e books I had a problem with the download and within less than 24 hours she had it resolved AND was willing to refund me the purchase price I told her that I believe in supporting independent authors and publishers and that I just wanted the book Once again thank youNow that I've finally finished Dmitry's Closet I know why I'm left feeling somewhat anti climatic In essence this is a Cinderella story albeit Prince Charming is the head of the Russian mafia and the body count rivals anything uentin Tarrantino could ever imagine LOL Understand that I absolutely hate everything Cinderella represents which is mainly female helplessness and the assumption that all it takes is a man to make a woman happyHaving said that major kudos to Ms Nelson for writing such a risky romance I'm talking about a character as morally ambiguous as blonde blue eyed seven foot tall Dmitry Medlov the head of the Medlov Crime Family Actually morally ambiguous is putting it nicely Dmitry Medlov is nothing like your typical romance hero In fact Dmitry makes all those so called bad boys this genre is so enad of look like saints Some authors attempt to write their heroes as bad asses but Medlov is Captain Bad Ass He's shown at his cold and calculating worst This man has Russian Mafia tattoos all over his body to prove he's the closest thing to Public Enemy Number One and that making an enemy of him would be very bad to one's health Nelson doesn't spare our feelings as Dmitry casually shoots his best friend after discovering the man had turned traitor He is a stone cold killer a ruthless businessman and he has no compunction whatsoever that the guns his network smuggles in end up in the hands of criminals causing death and destruction to the guilty and the innocent alike I got serious chills when he was explaining to his son Anatoly about the rudiments of the family business Nelson does a stellar job of not sugarcoating this man or his actions And yet there is something compelling about Dmitry something that kept me reading Yes he's a cold blooded killer and a criminal but he's savvy and smart Guns may not ring any alarms but porn and prostitution always brings the Feds out in full force so in spite of trafficking in arms he does have a peculiar code of honor especially because his mother was a prostitute who was beaten badly by a john Still there's to Dmitry than just violence He's a flesh and blood character with hopes dreams desires and in the end a need for if not unconditional love then at least an understanding one When he loves he loves wholeheartedly The heroine Royal Stone was an utter disappointment Gah She's Cinderella Mark II Sadly I see this syndrome time and again romance writers who spend a lot of effort in creating the perfect hero only to commit EPIC FAIL when it comes to the heroines A character who is both fascinating and repelling as Dmitry Medlov just did not need a fresh faced unemployed straight from college twenty three year old virgin Nothing against virginity but there are too many instances where these characters just seem stuck on stupid Maybe back in the day a woman didn't know much about her body but it's really hard for me to fathom a modern day woman not even knowing where her clitoris is and what it's for There's sweetly innocent naivete then there's just no Here's the thing Dmitry is a man who's well traveled and who enjoys the finer things in life; Royal Stone hasn't been out of her provincial hometown of Memphis It makes no sense that she's a college educated woman but seems to know nothing about the outside world or even current events She's a foster child who's had a tough life and while she was determined to become successful she's just no match as a character for Dmitry who pretty much dominates the narrative I found myself far interested in him and uickly skimming over her parts She just didn't work for me Seriously this was a woman who as a teenager killed a man for raping her sister Royal cut the ear off of another who tried to sexually assault her This is a woman who should have some serious trust issues when itc comes to men especially men like Dmitry Medlov who surrounds himself in so many secrets Yet within three months she's dropping her panties and giving up her oh so precious virginity? Really now Yes I get it that sweet innocence is what attracts the worldly and cynical Dmitry to her but their relationship just feels contrived Worse in spite of having killed a man she just stops fighting when her own life is threatened by Dmitry's psychopathic brother Ivan This was an intense scene and yet I just kept hearing Someday My Prince Will Come The title stems from one of Dmitry's legitimate business ventures an extremely high end clothing boutiue that he hires Royal to manage which she does with great success The tendancy to name drop high end couturiers and brand names was a little annoying and in parts read like a Neiman Marcus catalogue I get that Dmitry is dirty rotten stinking rich mentioning his 400000 Benz is just like overkill Other minor uibbles at least for me included Royal's two employees at the boutiue Renee the short dark petite neo soul with an afro whom I already know is going to end up with Anatoly and Cory who just has to be gay to work in a woman's upscale boutiue though later we find out a lot about him and it's an unexpected twist I'm not going to go as far as claiming stereotypes which I'm sure was not the intent but that line was pretty darn nearly crossed On the other hand Renee and Cory were the only two who figured out what Dmitry's real line of work was One of many of Royal's face palm moments was when Dmitry was explaining all his tattoos to Royal Uh warning signs? Does the internet not exist in Memphis or something? In spite of the epic heroine fail I originally gave this book four stars because once I started I really didn't wsnt to put it down I just got sucked into the violent world of Dmitry Medlov and in spite of his behavior wanted him to have a happy ending I just wish it was with a stronger and vibrant heroine than Royal I liked the fact that there was no preachy morality or an attempt to redeem Dmitry's character He is what he is and the only thing in Royal's favor is that she sticks with her man through it all I definitely plan to read the entire Medlov series just because the men are so arresting and I find myself enad of Dmitry and his son Anatoly though Dorian the explosives expert and Ivan's closest friend would make for a great story too I really want to skip Dmitry's Royal Flush Rise of the ueen because I just don't think I can stomach any Royal I just hope with subseuent books the heroines come up to scratch DNF I would finish if I didn't find myself bored out of my mind There are too many inconsistencies with Dmitry and Royal as main characters Their first meeting was actually beautiful but when Dmitry offered Royal a job immediately she took it with barely any suspicion What I find most problematic are all the lavish gifts Dmitry gave to Royal For a woman who said she was an orphan that drifted from houses to houses she easily accept many gifts that she knew were expensive Also these gifts were given to her wayyyy before they were in a relationship There is nothing wrong with accepting one or two gifts but Royal almost brags on the fact that there are many Shouldn't she be skeptical since as an orphan Royal must understand that there is no such thing as free things For a person that supposedly worked hard for all her life and has nothing Royal's lack of sensitivity to someone else's money is troublesome For a lack of word Royal is acting like a spoiled mistress of a rich man Likewise I would enjoy the book if the author stop concentrating on tellingshowing me how rich Dmitry is By than half of the book I was sick of the brand names being thrown in every sentences I totally got itbeing a Mafia boss is pretty rich For a series starter Dmitry's Closet is absolutely amazing This is combination of mafia IR romance that just grabbed me from the first chapter and truly hated to see it end I think the only thing that kept me from crying at the end was knowing that there are books to follow Dmitry is the baddest bad guy hero that I love to love and Royal the innocent but not too naive heroine that I couldn't help but root for The relationship building between Dmitry and Royal was very sweet The tension in this novel kept me on my seat I love Latrivia S Nelson's style of writing and look forward to giving many of her other novels a try Note to the authorMs Nelson I am in awe How did you know I wanted to read a book like this? Maybe we are on the same wavelength here You see I have a thing for Russian guys It developed slowly over time and this book has not helped me get over my fixation Now I think I will be much much worse But the thing is how many books after this one will have a hero like Dmitry Medlov?I don't care that he's seven foot tall He didn't need to be a giant to be larger than life in my mind It was the sheer force of his personality the many textures to him He is an utterly ruthless crime boss but he is a gentle adoring lover and friend to Royal How did you conceive of this man? Well you did such a great job hereThis book It was so many things I love a book that gives me a seven course dinner in one story This was a beautiful love story and an intricate crime drama And I don't even like crime dramas I love how it started out as a glittering fairy tale A girl meets her prince who saves her and sweeps her off her feet Their love is perfect and pure And then the pages turn and you see the other side You see how Dmitry is a man that is feared by many and for good reason I was riveted to the page I couldn't believe how well Ms Nelson integrated these two Her portrayal of this Russian mafia gang was so intricate I completely believed what I was reading I do have to admit I couldn't understand how Royal didn't see what Dmitry was But as my sister suggested when I was gushing about the book to her and as it is soon revealed she trusted Dmitry implicitly She loved him with all the power of her innocent heart She didn't believe he could ever hide such a thing from her Yet even though Dmitry kept such a massive secret from Royal he never lost my sympathy You see Dmitry was who he was He wanted to be a different man for Royal and he was He was the sweetest guy to her a dream lover He didn't lie to her or do her wrong He just didn't tell her everythingI'm not into all the bling and the designer clothes There's a lot of that in this book Dmitry pulls out all the stops I mean he showers Royal with all the material things her heart could desire Reading Ms JR Ward really helped me to be somewhat immune to designer name dropping and it was part of the scenery here so it wasn't terribly off putting Royal had a ueen's euivalent of jewels and ice and all the fancy clothes she could want She liked that but what she really loved was Dmitry He was her family her home her present and her futureThis book really made me think about shades of gray If someone told me Dmitry was a bad man I couldn't argue with that But at the same time I would attest that he is a good man What makes a person good? What makes a person bad? It's hard to say and we would all have different answers It was interesting how Dmitry saw Royal as a sweet innocent even though she told him her deepest darkest secret which is not so innocent Dmitry loved Royal so much cared for her so well that I couldn't see him as a bad man He protected his men and made sacrifices to see that they could have good lives He was a good father to his son And he had limits about what he'd do to make money For me that made him a better person than some men who have less shady jobs than his It's a dicey thing to hold others in judgment This book gave me some food for thought when it comes to that I firmly believe in the scripture that says Let he who is without sin cast the first stone And as I read this book I could see a lot of people making choices that could easily be judged but I had to look at why they did what they did and not that they did it Because in the end we are all just humans Some of us do bad deeds than others But we're all human beings with all the accompanying failings As for Royal and Dmitry I could really believe in their love Even when things started coming down around them The scene where she confronts Dmitry was very powerful I felt like the world was ending I didn't want to believe that anything could come between these two lovers My heart stopped at the thought And things just get worse But Ms Nelson doesn't let me down The fairy tale essence of this story holds true And here's the thing about fairy tales the young maiden always suffers She has to be strong and persevere to get her happy ending She might lose a lot along the way but her love with her handsome prince will stand the test of time That's what I believe about Royal and DmitryMy heart is still stuttering as I have just read the first chapter for the next book Dmitry’s Royal Flush Rise of the ueen Of course I will have to read this seuel holding my breath the hold time most likely Until then I can only hope that the future holds much joy for this couple I think they have earned it From author Latrivia S Nelson author of the epic romance Ivy's Twisted Vine comes a story about Memphis TN a deadly faction of the Russian mafia and an innocent woman who dismantles an empire Orphaned virgin Royal Stone is looking for employment in one of the country's toughest recessions What she finds is the seven foot blonde millionaire Dmitry Medlov who offers her a job as the manager of his new boutiue Dmitry's Closet After she accepts his job offer she soon accepts his gifts his bed and his lifestyle What she does not know is that her knight in shining armor is also the head of the Medlov Organized Crime Family a faction of the elite Russian mafia organization Vory v Zakone Falling in love with the clueless Royal makes Dmitry want to break his coveted code leave his self made empire and start a life far away from the perils of the Thieves in Law Only his brother Ivan comes to the Memphis from New York City bent on a murderous revengeWith the FBI and Memphis Police Department working hard to build a case against Dmitry and his brother trying to kill him he is forced to tell Royal of his true identity but Royal also is keeping a secret one that changes everything Who will win Who will lose Who will die Watch all the skeletons as they tumble out of the urban literature sensation Dmitry's Closet Warning This book contains graphic language sex and various forms of violence However it will also melt your heartRevised Version March 2010This book is the first of The Medlov Crime Family Series

About the Author: Latrivia S. Nelson

Latrivia Welch is the author of Ivy's Twisted Vine the largest modern interracial romance novel in its genre and Dmitry's Closet President of Nelson Pressed Inc small marketing firm that strategically promotes self published authors and Public Relations Senior Specialist for the award winning highly acclaimed firm The Carter Malone Group the largest female Public Relations firm in MemphisNelson graduated from LeMoyne Owen College Memphis TN with honors obtaining a Bachelors Degree in business administration with a concentration in management 2003 Strayer University Washington DC obtaining her MBA with a concentration in marketing 2007 and is currently pursuing her PhD in Criminal Justice at Capella University with a concentration in organized crimeAs an observer of life Nelson has enjoyed the numerous opportunities afforded her and writes about the wonderful and interesting people and places that she has encountered in her novels She has been highlighted in Ebony Magazine Elite Magazine Memphis TN RSVP Magazine Memphis TN the Commercial Appeal Newspaper Memphis TN and numerous online publicationsIvy's Twisted Vine first debuted in February of 2008 and has since been featured by over 500 bookstores book clubs individual reviewers online publications and blogs It has sold thousands of copies in the states and has become very popular in Europe and JapanNelson is the proud mother of two beautiful children Jordan and Tierra and the wife of decorated US Marine Retired Adam Nelson They live in suburbs of MemphisGo to

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