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Brekkukotsannáll «Os peixes também sabem cantar» é depois de «Gente independente» um dos livros mais significativos e de sucesso na carreira de Halldór Laxness Sem dúvida um dos ue melhor explica ao seu leitor a Islândia descrevendo através da história de vida do seu jovem protagonista o momento histórico da passagem da sua misteriosa e mágica sociedade ancestral à modernidade dos nossos dias O romance ue se situa em inícios do século XX acompanha a passagem da infância para a vida adulta do jovem Álfgrímur Abandonado pela mãe em Brekkukot uma propriedade rural na periferia de Reykjavík então uma peuena cidade de poucos habitantes e sob o domínio dinamaruês a infância de Álfgrímur decorre de forma idílica entre os trabalhos domésticos na uinta com a avó adoptiva ue recita os rímur e as antigas sagas islandesas a aprendizagem de latim e a audição à noite das histórias dos excêntricos habitantes de Brekkukot Álfgrímur ue sonha um dia tornar se pescador tal como o seu avô vê no entanto todos os seus projectos de futuro serem abalados pelo regresso a casa do Garõar Hólm Famoso cantor lírico orgulho da Islândia a vida de Garõar está porém envolta num misterioso segredo ue caberá a Álfgrímur desvelar ligando para sempre a sua vida à desta estranha personagem Será Garõar a fazer com ue Álfgrímur se apaixone pela música incitando o a alcançar com o canto da sua voz a «Nota Pura»

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    Laxness brings together a catalog of eccentric characters and peculiar anecdotes to tell the story of Algrimur an orphan taken in by an elderly couple that becomes his only family in a tiny village in the outskirts of Reykyjavík In

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    Two years after being awarded the Nobel Prize Laxness published this bildungsroman about the young Icelander Álfgrímur whose coming of age at the beginning of the 20th century coincides with the advancement of capitalist modernity

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    The fish can sing just like a birdAnd grazes on the moorland screeWhile cattle in a lowing herdRoam the rolling seaStarting from this Icelandic paradox put in verse Halldór Laxness weaves an enchanting tale on the outskirts of Reykja

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    A gentle comedy set in pre independence Iceland Alfgrimur is abandoned as a baby and is brought up in a run down shack on the outskirts of Reykjavik Passing through the house are a motley bunch of deadbeat lodgers and wacky characters

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    This is the same book as in the English version is called The Fish Can SingThis is very possibly the best book ever written Forgive my fretting about translations I didn't want people to miss a thing Then I realized that the books' tone

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    Loved the earlier part of the book an Icelandic Cider with Rosie not so much the latter That could have had something to do with struggling through the second half in the haze of a seemingly random day long migraine like headache and aft

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    and swim underwater for a really long timeGreat stuff from this Icelander

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    Halldór Laxness is undoubtedly Iceland's most famous writer The story goes that he was in the middle of writing Brekkukotsannall translated surprisingly as The Fish Can Sing when he was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1955 Did t

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    Reykjavik today is such an interesting place Half spartan northern outpost half ambitious capital of a scarcely populated but not diminutive country the biggest and some say only town in Iceland welcomed your humble reviewer in style Bygone

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    I am indulging myself by re reading this literary gem and what a perfect book it is It is a gentle humorous coming of age narrative written in the first person set in the early 1900s Reykjavik was only a town of 5000 people and the farm Brek

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