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Breeder BreederMali is awed at the strength agility and sheer ferocity of the dark stranger the village men drag through the gates of Mirdua until she discovers their purpose in capturing him for Mirdua no longer has men capable of breeding and they have need of one for her Rebelling the moment she discovers the stranger has nothing but contempt for the 'honor' they have in mind for him and every intention of fighting them to keep his seed Mali is given two unpalatable choices she can either take the man's seed or she will be banished from the village Since banishment is tantamount to a death sentence it isn't much of a choiceBlood SinNicole is a woman with a mission retrieve the golden seed of an Elumi known to flourish even in the womb of a woman unable to conceive Gideon refuses to donate which leaves her no alternative but to steal it The vengeance of an infuriated Elumi she discovers can be interesting Oooh I cannot praise Kaitlyn O'Connor and her various aliases enough among which Lyssa Hart is one of them I stand in awe of this woman and her storytelling She is as a bottomless fountain of ingenuity that carries one to magical worlds so varied and so fulfilling; an experience which can transform even my cranky jaded self into a purring happy go lucky individual She is truly addictive and since I read all but 2 of O'Connor's books I've started hunting down her lesser known books from her other pen names and discovered Breeder I was absorbed right away into the settings and into Mali's story Mali was raised in a village in the Barrenlands whose population is dwindling because of infertility where the Council of Elders makes and enforces the laws Because fertile men and women are few those that can reproduce must breed with different partners and the child belongs to the community and not the genitor Mali does not even know her mother and father Even though a receiver one of the few women that are fertile Mali does not fit very well because she wishes for a meaningful relationship and the opportunity to choose for herself Enter the prince in shinning armor who comes disguised as a savage and dragged in the village in chains It is decided that he will be the new breeder and inexperienced Mali must convince the uncooperative savage to give her a baby or she'll be banished from the village Mali's character is a charming mix of innocence courage caution and rebelliousness I love how tumultuous the relationship between Mali and Jaegar the Ruthless is and the first love scenes between a chained and obtinate Jaegar and a determined but utterly inexperienced Mali are very very entertaining and memorable Humourous moments abound but the focus is on the world and relationship building Greatly recommend this Now onward to the next Kaitlyn O'Connor book I so wish this was a bit longer felt like there was so much could have been addedI liked both main characters Mali didn't spend a lot of time in her head uestioning Jaegar's feeling over and over which is common in this genre The things she thought about and uestioned made sense to the story and didn't just feel like page filler It was an interesting story within an interesting world and I really enjoyed it

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