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Dead Paki Walking You need to read this bookFor what he has done Andi Ali's story deserves to be toldIt is unfortunately a bit disorganized and could have used a good editor but it was easy to read nonetheless During his investigations into the British National Party BNP academic researcher Andi Ali has come face to face with the brutal reality of racism in the UK Threatened as a 'Dead Paki Walking' Ali has been beaten stabbed and even abducted and is included on the Neo Nazi Redwatch hit list Ali s academic research in to the BNP has made him powerful enemies who have warned him to stop his activities When he refused he was viciously assaulted outside Downing Street and left for dead In Dead Paki Walking Ali explains how his investigations started and of the means members of the far right have taken to smear his name in order to stop his activities As an autobiography Dead Paki Walking is written in the first person and reads like a dark and sinister political thriller The frightening fact is that the BNP are attracting an increasing number of supporters If nothing else Andi's book epitomizes the maxim 'know thine enemy' This disturbing autobiography is a tale of one man's battle against racial intolerance which Ali has fought everyday to uphold the liberal values in which he believes

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About the Author: Andi Ali

HMRC Whistleblower turned author