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Crysis Legion The best video game novelization that has ever been writtenSo I'll bash out some bullet points about the book itself then talk about the really interesting things about the gamebookproduction and the rest This is Watts lite it retreads a lot of his familiar themes consciousness its constituent components technology so advanced it can start poking about with the grey matter aliens in easier to digest often repeated chunks for those who aren't familiar with harder sci fi This is the closest he's come to writing pulse pounding Tom Clancy action scenes and while his footing isn't Abercrombie sure there's a running battle seuence with a Pinger that was truly superb Didn't know a 48 year old marine biologist had it in him so hats off This is the best video game novelization that has ever been written is damnation by praise faint than a Mills Boon female lead So it's a cracking book in it's own right and almost convinced me to buy the game itself Worth a read if you enjoy Watts Sci fi or Crysis I'd imagine I've only played some of the first oneREVIEW ENDS unrelated talk of the games industry and a semi blog post follow My apologiesSo speculation abounds as to why he actually took the job whilst Money was almost certainly a factor the game was scripted by another sci fi author of some worth Richard Morgan he of the Takeshi Kovacs novels and a chap cut from the same cynical cloth and Watts consulted on the technology and dialogue during development Pete hasn't commented himself so that's as far as I'm willing to speculate but it sounds like Crytek are actually trying to push writing as well as visuals forward Unfortunately I think their game design is abysmal BUT This is a phenomenally positive development and I hope it sells like hot cakes to encourage other studios to pick up people who understand how to tell a storyAnyone who's ever played a game and is older than 20 knows that 99% of them are just toilet The gameplay varies from game to game and you can have a lot of fun playing Super Punch uest IV when the characters aren't blurting out moronic waffle but the Universal constant is that the script voice acting and frankly entire tone of most games are so abysmal that you are forced to turn it off out of sheer embarrassment most recent example Killzone 3 A military game in which no one seemed to understand chain of command This was probably the least of its sins but I just couldn't get past the fact that a Sergeant kept committing mutiny During a war And they just mumbled about a court martial later When the average cost of making a current generation game is supposedly running a company somewhere between 20 30million and uite a few well over God of War 3 44million why on earth would you not pay someone who can write characters and scenarios 100k at most 05% of your budget to ensure the writing isn't horrible? Writers of monumental uality are relatively speaking so fucking cheap Not everyone is lucky enough to have a Wolpaw or an Avelone or a Levine on staff so hire somebody freelance who knows how to put words together and doesn't use crayon Peter Watts is a great writer but the strategy for tackling this game novel was not the best Crysis depicts visuals and action much better than Watts can convey them in writing but where Watts shines is in the backstory and characterisaztions Understanding the motivations of the characters and factions brings the whole story to life and the backstory ties together what was basically a strong story confusingly told Unfortunately about 90% of the book is descriptive of gameplay which starts off fresh but rapidly begins to feel recycled and recycled and recycled I lost count of the number of rebars and I beams I read about in the endless descriptions of destructionIt's tough I'm not sure how Watts could have done a better job I just don't think first person game stories work well in the written medium He has a good crack at it and he does a much better job of conveying how it actually feels to be inside a nanosuit than the game does But in the end the 300 pages describing the game action as Peter experienced it in his play through are not all that interesting Read the book if you loved the game and want to understand what it was all about but skip the action retelling and focus on the original writing that Peter added as glue As always Peter Watts deliversHe takes something as pulp as a video game novel and actually turns it into something worth reading The first thing I can say is that his prose is as wonderful as always He has a way with words that makes me read with a smile on my face And his dark sense of humor just adds to the great experienceThe second thing is that he manages to take a pretty basic video game story though one might argue that the story is not so basic owing to the fact that it's actually written by Richard Morgan A really good author in his own right and infuses it with an interesting theme A theme that readers of Watts' other stories should be very familiar with and one that I really find intriguing Crysis video games never had interesting plots But as John Carmack said once “ Story in a game is like a story in a porn movie It's expected to be there but it's not that important” So it’s not like plots that tried to show off without having enough depth were a big problem for games Unfortunately greedy publishers decided to milk Crysis franchise a bit and we’ve got this An official novelization of Crysis 2 video game And well it’s exactly what you can expect from the novel that was based on video game It feels cheap there’s literally nothing interesting about it and it’s terribly written You know gentlemanly set of this kind of the novels Only this one is especially bad If you want me to compare it with something I think that it’ll be OK to compare it with Uwe Boll’s movies Because it’s that cheap and ugly But unlike Mr Boll’s “masterpieces” this novel isn’t only trying to make a uick money from popular game it provides exactly nothing new And it’s a huge problemWhy? Well because in video game it’s fun to just run and shoot That’s what the game is all about running around and shooting stuff That’s the fun But when it’s about the novel you want details depth And you won’t find anything like that here ⅔ of the novel is exactly that running and shooting Author just described the gameplay Almost 11 Level by level Now may I ask what’s the fun? I mean I was there seen that played through the whole thing had some fun Why should I waste my time and read about the same exact thing? Reading about how Prophet Alcatraz shooting CELL members and Ceph again and again without an end is extremely boring to say the least And author was too lazy to add something newWell it’s not like there’s nothing new at all but it only makes things worse You don’t need glasses to see that a lot of text was added just to make adaptation big enough to be called the novel It’s like a poor short story was filled with random stuff for example author added those letters you was supposed to collect in the game just to waste our time it's really hard to force yourself to keep reading through the whole 320 pages while all in all this novel is exactly what any middle school kid will write after playing the game No style no charm no depth nothing to keep your attention Just bare retelling of the video game events With no reason Also it’s just amazing how somebody with no writing talent at all was allowed to write a book I mean yes the author tried to make a hero to act like “your regular low ranking soldier” on purpose but he failed And failed oh so hard Because it looks like in author’s opinion the only two things that soldiers are all about are shooting and swearing Nothing else Remember Harry Harrison's “ Bill the Galactic Hero”? Nothing like that here Not even close Just shooting and swearingAs I already said the whole thing is written on “ middle school kid” level And it’s actually fun how you can see middle school kid here all over the whole text Like author had some weird obsession with aliens’ genitals and returned to them again and again like he has teenager hypersexuality Exactly something that you’ll expect from middle school kid's fan fiction Fan fiction feeling is so strong that it’s hard to believe that you’re reading the official novelization and not something you downloaded from net forums or DeviantArtSo let’s just say that I don’t recommend to waste your money and time on this one unless you’re a hopeless geek like me and ready to read anything that was based on video game Novels that were based on video games are often bad but this one is just terrible It just combined all possible bad things together and sold them for the price of the proper thing If you’ve finished the game you already knows everything Reading the poor retelling of gameplay process is incredibly boring while text itself has outrageous lack of talent and skill You know for a videogame tie in novel for a videogame that didn't really have that compelling a story it wasn't bad It felt a little bit tied to the game's narrative which did drag it down a little bit The combat was probably the low point for me but it worked well enough the world building and the semi Lovecraftian theorizing was what drew me in Watts used the ability of books to flesh out inner thoughts and ideas to make the most of Crysis 2's plotholes and actually created a nice coherent and at times gripping story I had pretty low expectations coming into this and was pleasantly surprised Peter Watts is a great writer I read Blindsight and The Island and was blown away both times the Rifters trilogy is high on my to read list But even that can't raise the rating above 'it was OK' since he's still shackled to novelizing a video game's plot which is meant to be experienced in a completely different storytelling medium I should stress here that I am not disparaging video games I'm simply stating that what works in one medium cannot work as well in another Don't get me wrong this is miles ahead of your average video game novelization after all this is Peter frickin' Watts we're talking about that Hugo he won was well earned and the novel displays his trademark penchant for detailed and believable technology both human and alien and good characterization I also liked the way he framed the main story and especially the various chapter breaks in the form of background expansion via snippets of various reports and documents All in all Watts took Richard Morgan's story and did the best he could with it If anything this made me want to read military SF from the guy now if only he'd get to writing some D Much much much better than I'd expect from a novelization As a sci fi novel I really enjoyed it A very dark and mostly internally consistent world and adventure My biggest problem is that Alcatraz is always outclassed but always struggling onward Alas Alcatraz's power to restart time from a save point doesn't fit in the story but perhaps someday a work of fiction will acknowledge this part of its own underlying fabricThe world nanosuit aliens and history are all interesting In my brief check the game doesn't live up to the novelization ; MANHATTAN IS UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT THEY’RE NOT FROM AROUND HERE   Welcome to the Big Apple son Welcome to the city that never sleeps invaded by monstrous fusions of meat and machinery defended by a private army that makes Blackwater look like the Red Cross ravaged by a disfiguring plague that gifts its victims with religious rapture while it eats them alive You’ve been thrown into this meat grinder without warning without preparation without a clueYour whole suad was mowed down the moment they stepped onto the battlefield And the chorus of voices whispering in your head keeps saying that all of this is on you that you and you alone might be able to turn the whole thing around if you only knew what the hell was going onYou’d like to help Really you would But it’s not just the aliens that are gunning for you Your own kind hunts you as a traitor and your job might be a bit easier if you didn’t have the sneaking suspicion they could be right This might just be the only writer who could convince me to pick up a game novelization and like it He did a fantastic job of drawing out a character with a separate personality and history from the standard tabula rasa we've come to expect from first person shooters The narrator's dry crackling sense of humor under grim circumstances kept me engrossed well past my subway stop Video game novel adaptations and tie ins are there any good ones? I'm trying to find outI've never played Crysis II Peter Watts is one of my favourite authors Maybe that was the best possible angle to come at this book Also Peter Watts was probably the best possible person to write this novelCrysis Legion is about nanotechnology the nature of consciousness free will biology and all other things typical of Mr Watts wrapped in a relentless grunt's eye view story of an alien invasion You can see the bones of a linear and silly? first person shooter in the narrative but the prose here is simply beautiful The care and intelligence put into a story that might be really damn stupid blows your mindAfter reading the book I feel I need to play Crysis II just in case it's half as impressive as this novel So mission accomplished I guess Also the uestion of whether there are good video game novel adaptations has received a definite answer There is at least one

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