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Promise Canyon I just love these stories They are all so diverse but with the same little town and characters from previous books that I have come to love as well as adding new interesting characters to the town family all the time Just great books ; PROMISE CANYON is book 11 in the Virgin River seriesClay is finally walking away from a divorce that he just can’t uite break off completely and Lilly has a troubled past from when she was just fifteen that has made her very cautious with men She takes very good care of her grandfather and really only seems to have her best friend Dean in her life Despite the fact that Clay and Lilly both share a Native background she doesn’t want anything to do with Native men Too much hurt in the past that she hasn’t been able to overcome Hope McCrea also adds a bit of excitement to the story and bring Jack and Mel back to the front lines and a few new characters are introduced which I’m sure we’ll learn about in future installments of the series Hang on people it gets crazyPROMISE CANYON had me up late reading worried about what was going to happen to all of these wonderful people I did not want to put this beautiful and fun story down I also got to meet a few new residents from Virgin River as we do with each and every book I also love how you get to check in with the other couples from the previous books It was also awesome to watch Lilly grow and trust Clay even though she didn’t want anything from him or so she said I loved how Lilly and Clay finally started being honest with each other and figured everything outEvery time I read a story from the Virgin River series I want to kick myself for not reading it sooner PROMISE CANYON is exactly why I love Robyn Carr It’s no secret that she has been a favorite author of mine for many years This story is filled with twists and turns that kept me flipping the pages like a crazy woman The characters are not perfect always flawed and you wont be able to help yourself from falling in love with them all If Virgin River were a real town I would have packed my bags years ago and moved there All of its residents feel like old friends to me and it’s always great to catch up with them with each book in the series The only thing I can’t understand is why it took so long to make these wonderful stories into a television series It’s going to be perfect I’m so excited to continue reading The Virgin River series What a great addition to the Virgin River series and now one of my favorites in the series I just loved it In Promise Canyon Robyn Carr has really outdone herself by creating one of her most intense and passionate romances yet Seriously it got hot She also wove in a fun and touching side story that includes Jack Hope and the entire town of Virgin River coming to odds with each other’s wishes and some really good laugh out loud moments And of course we briefly meet a few other new characters that will begin the story arcs for the next two books in this series Clay and Lilly are both Native Americans new to the Virgin River series Clay Tahoma a Navajo originally from the Navajo Nation in Flagstaff Arizona was living in LA when Nate Jensen asks him to be his new vet assistant He jumps at the opportunity as it will put him close to his sister Ursula who lives close by in Grace Valley and it will give him the fresh start he needs from his ex wife and a chance to build a life with his son Lilly has lived in Virgin River for many years and helps run the local feed store with her Grandfather She is of Hopi ancestry which historically is enemy to the Navajo It made for some funny dialog but these two do not take it seriously She meets Clay while delivering bales of hay to the Jensen’s farm and the intense passion really sparks They both have an intense passion for horses which helps draw these two even closer I am not kidding when I say this is probably the most passionate romance in this series so far and a great part of that is because these two are just perfect together Lilly is cautious and a bit intimidated by Clay as he does come on a bit strong at first but in such a powerful sexy sort of way Yum He respects her wishes to be friends but that doesn’t stop their attraction from boiling over However personal insecurities and past relationships will need to be dealt with for these two to really make it work And you know they do Without giving away any spoilers let’s just say I shed a few happy tears in the closing scene I’ve been a big fan of this series since I first read Virgin River two years ago and while not every book is as good as others and some have been a bit frustrating I always enjoy the trip back to Virgin River every time With this book I couldn’t recommend it to fans of this series I was lucky enough to get an ARC copy through Netgalleycom but unfortunately it has a sixty day expiration to it So I will be buying this one for my keeper collection when it comes out end of December As usual I loved my time in the Virgin River world Clay and Lilly's romance was wonderful and there was only short lived drama which I could understand Isabel was something else and I was glad she wasn't part of the story for very long Good riddance The town was right shitty to Jack weren't they He should've listened to Mel and Preacher They did all pull together in the end though Who is Denny's father Hopefully I'll find out in the next bookColin Riordan was a prickly guy He really treated his family like crap when all they wanted to do was help Although I gotta give him a break after going through what he did I look forward to his story 45 Promise Canyon Stars I took a little break from this series because well I read like 10 books back to back Now that I started it back up again it feels like an old friend I love this small town and all the characters in it I think what I like best is even though each book is centered around one couple we always gets glimpse in to past couples So you really never feel like you’re missing some of your favorite past couples Lilly and Clay are just to stinking cute together and the chemistry is off the charts awesome They both have pasts Clay I found really was working hard to get past his but I did think Lilly was holding on a little too tightly to past hurts But through grit and determination Clay really brings her aroundI love this series did I say that yet Well I do and I love the narration so very much I can’t imagine anyone else doing it justice You don't have to like my review but its 100% my opinion and I am allowed to have it This once again showcases a couple I absolutely adored and wanted to keep reading about in later books At least we get to see both of them in subseuent books though “Promise Canyon” follows Clay Tahoma and Lilly Yazhi Both of these characters are Native Americans and I loved loved loved that we finally got a minority couple in this series I honestly didn’t even realize til after the fact that besides Mike Valenzuela there does not seem to be any other minorities running around Virgin RiverClay relocates from Arizona with his son in order to become a veterinary assistant to Nate Jensen While meeting Nate at his farm he runs into Lily and is instantly intrigued with her though Lily wants nothing to do with him Now here’s the thing I know nothing about Native American groups at all But it becomes apparent that Carr took her time and did some research and she includes a lot of details about the differences between the Navajo which Clay is and the Hopi which Lily is I can honestly say that I was intrigued the whole book because it was great to see why Lily wants nothing to with a strong man like Clay who raised Navajo would be into traditional ways than Lily isThe romance between the two of them was hands down a crowd pleaser and you will love it There’s a backstory to Lily that explains why she is so cautious around Clay and I did enjoy that aspect of things though once again at times I could feel myself getting a bit impatient with Lily She seemed hell bent on holding Clay responsible for everything every manboy had ever done to her and even I was a bit sick of it towards the end of the bookWe also of course get sightings from old favorites Noah Jack Preacher Paul and we get some updates but I honestly was not the least bit interested in anyone else since I just wanted to stay focused on Lily and Clay And can I say that there was way too much other B plots in this book I of course read the other books so I definitely know that Carr wanted to set up the characters so that readers would remember them but boy oh boy I almost pulled my hair outWe have off the top of my head a group of women who come to Virgin River to vacation two of them Julian and Kelly Matlock will have their own standalone books One of the town’s residents passes away and that leaves Jack as the unofficial mayor I maybe booed that whole thing And one of the Riordan family members Colin ends up being shot down while flying a Blackhawk I am also tired of reading that word in these books is everyone a Blackhawk pilot and of course the whole Riordan family and others react to thisThe ending was great and I loved that Lily decides to fully move on with her life and I am disappointed that we readers don’t get to see their wedding ceremony in later books because I think that would have been awesome to include I hadn't realized that I had read so many of these booksLOL A must read story for small town romance lovers Another great book in the Virgin River series 4 stars – Contemporary RomanceCarr’s Virgin River is one of my favorite contemporary romance series that never fails to deliver intensely emotional deeply heartfelt achingly romantic stories Promise Canyon didn’t uite meet my high expectations and is my least favorite book in the series but I still enjoyed it Even though it’s not the finest Virgin River installment there is no denying that Robyn Carr’s writing is among the very best in the genre Clay Tahoma is looking for a fresh start away from his ex wife and her elitist family’s horse farm in Los Angeles When his friend Nate needs a veterinary assistant for his practice and horse ranch in a small community in Northern California it seems the perfect opportunity for a much needed change of pace It also brings Clay closer to his sister’s family and son living in a nearby town allows him to use his skills as a “horse whisperer” and the remoteness serene beauty and uaint charm of Virgin River appeal to Clay’s Navajo roots After being burned by love twice in the past he never expected to find a woman that would tempt him to take a chance again on a romantic relationship but Lilly Yazhi the local feed store owner’s daughter and delivery driver does just that Lilly is a fiercely independent modern woman who often finds herself at odds with her family’s native Hopi roots and traditions After being deeply hurt in the past she’s become guarded and has vowed to never let an alpha Native American man capture her heart again She feels an immediate intense attraction to Clay but she refuses to act on it If only he wasn’t so darn sexy and tempting with such strong muscles beautiful bronze skin and exotic long silky hair How can any woman resist that When Lilly begins to realize that Clay is thoughtful respectful a devoted caring father and different from other men she’s known and that they share a love for and unusual gift with horses it becomes even harder to deny her growing attraction and feelings Can Clay convince Lilly to open her heart and take a chance on love And will the reappearance of Clay’s manipulative emotionally needy ex wife shatter Lilly’s tentative trust in their relationship Clay and Lilly are wonderful characters and I really liked them together There just wasn’t uite enough romantic development or emphasis on their relationship It seemed like things progressed rather erratically and rapidly from mutual attraction and her being resistant to dating Clay or any man for that matter to them being involved romantically But I think their relationship is believable considering it resulted from strong physical attraction explosive sexual chemistry and the friendship and connection they forged while working together to heal a couple of wounded horses I just wish there had been a bit of it because their moments together were passionate beautiful and tender The overall story was somewhat disjointed at times and the deep sense of community that was so prevalent and powerful in previous installments felt a bit lacking but there were a few side storylines to keep the association with the town happenings in Virgin River The death of an important local resident and a mysterious newcomer make an impact on bar owner and town leader Jack Sheridan my favorite Virgin River hero and a tragic accident involving one of the Riordan brothers provides the background for the next book Wild Man Creek which I’m really looking forward to because I love the sexy Riordan menAlthough Promise Canyon isn’t my favorite Virgin River installment it’s still a great read in a wonderful series that exemplifies the charm and strong sense of community in small town life and the romance between Clay and Lilly is sweet touching and oh so satisfying It’s worthy of solid 4 stars This was an ARC received courtesy of NetGalleycom Best selling author Robyn Carr has earned a devoted following for her inspirational tales of love and redemption set in the near magical confines of Virgin River Lilly Yazhi knows all she needs to know about Clay Tahoma Sure he’s got a certain appeal befitting his Navajo roots but she’s not falling for Clay’s silent “earthy” attractiveness She certainly won’t make the same mistake as Clay’s ex wife Only trouble is her heart and mind have committed to different resolves

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