The Leangains Method: The Art of Getting Ripped.

The Leangains Method: The Art of Getting Ripped. Researched, Practiced, Perfected. (English Edition) Never do cardio Forget sit ups Eat when you want but dont snack Breakfast Who needs it Spend less than two hours a week in the gym to double your results in half the time because less isSound like a reasonable diet and exercise advice To most people it doesnt But as crazy as it sounds these statements are part of the winning formula behind Martin Berkhans controversial Leangains methodas evidenced by hundreds of clients and thousands of success stories from Leangains devotees all over the worldThe Leangains Method The Art of Getting Ripped Researched Practiced Perfected is the definitive fat loss manual and body transformation plan for people who are tired of gimmicks BS and the same old spiels theyve heard countless times before Tired tropes like Eat Breakfast Like a King Lunch Like a Prince and Dinner Like a Pauper conventional wisdom about our eating habits and other nonsensical beliefs has no place in this book but they are dealt with accordingly which is to say that The Leangains Method is the perfect gift for the dabbler who cant tell right from wrong and is highly educational for beginners or scholars alikeConceived and outlined on leangains over a decade ago the Leangains diet is commonly known as the diet in mainstream media The popular diet that shook the foundation of the fitness industry kickstarted the intermittent fasting craze and caused a nutritional paradigm shift has been plagiarizedthan any other diet in recent history But its secrets have eluded everyone and its efficiency has never been reproduced Until now And when its elusive creator pulls the curtain apart and reveals the treasured terroir of the Method you will bask at its flavors and laugh at its imitators Rest assuredPeople are often told that there are no secrets left That statement was wrong a decade ago when Martin Berkhan introduced intermittent fasting and made breakfast skipping a thing And in The Leangains Method The Art of Getting Ripped Researched Practiced Perfected he does it again But he doesnt make these outlandish claims casually and skeptics will be delighted to know that the book and its methods are fully referenced evidence based and peer reviewed by fitness industry watchdog Alan AragonThe Leangains Method The Art of Getting Ripped Researched Practiced Perfected is chock full of insider secrets and cutting edge science revealed for the very first time Youll learn why a calorie isnt a calorie and how to use this knowledge to your advantage Youll be taught the ingredients of the most efficient legal fat burning stack in existenceand should you decide to use it be able to accelerate fat loss by up to half a pound per week After that and much youll witness the unveiling of the greatest diet secret of them all The magic bullet the one thing that makes all the difference Dont listen to what they say It existsThe Leangains Method The Art of Getting Ripped Researched Practiced Perfected is the alpha and omega of fat loss conceived at the crossroads of lived experience and brutal honesty the everyday practicalities of dieting and the bleeding edge of science Its a body transformation plan that reaches beyond bodies and into minds perceptions and prioritiesIts author makes a single promise Youve never read a book like this before and youll never read its like againAuthors note The Leangains Method extols the benefits of a high protein diet and the nutritional recommendations in the book reflect this Its therefore unsuitable for vegans andto a lesser extentvegetarians A basic grasp of nutrition is also advised before purchasing this book you should know how to count calories and understand the difference between fat protein and carbohydrate

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