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HMS Erebus was one of the great exploring ships a veteran of groundbreaking expeditions to the ends of the Earth Init disappeared in the Arctic its fate a mystery Init was found This is its story Beyond terrific I didn t want it to end Bill Bryson Michael Palin Monty Python star and television globetrotter brings the remarkable Erebus back to life following it from its launch in to the epic voyages of discovery that led to glory in the Antarctic and to ultimate catastrophe in the Arctic The ship was filled with fascinating people the dashing and popular James Clark Ross who charted much of the Great Southern Barrier the troubled John Franklin whose cheuered career culminated in the Erebus s final disastrous expedition and the eager Joseph Dalton Hooker a brilliant naturalist when he wasn t shooting the local wildlife dead Vividly recounting the experiences of the men who first set foot on Antarctica s Victoria Land and those who just a few years later froze to death one by one in the Arctic ice beyond the reach of desperate rescue missions Erebus is a wonderfully evocative account of a truly extraordinary adventure brought to life by a master explorer and storyteller Thoroughly absorbs the reader Carefully researched and well crafted it brings the story of a ship vividly to life Sunday Times This is an incredible book I couldn t put it down The Erebus story is the Arctic epic we ve all been waiting for Nicholas Crane Palin is a superb stylist low key and conversational who skillfully incorporates personal experience He turns up obscure facts reanimates essential moments and never shies away from taking controversial positions This beautifully produced volume colour plates outstanding maps is a landmark achievement Ken McGoogan author of Fatal Passage Michael Palin is a cracking good companion on this journey of ambition longing triumph and tragedy the age of adventure lives on Alanna Mitchell author of The Spinning Magnet The Force that Created the Modern World and Could Destroy It Erebus: The Story of a Ship

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Is a well known author some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Erebus The Story of a Ship book this is one of the most wanted Michael Palin author readers around the world

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