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The Ultimate Guide to Tarot (The Ultimate Guide to...) Liz Dean is one of the world s leading tarot experts Wherever you are on your tarot journey her clear and knowledgeable writing will take you on in leaps and bounds Sue Ricketts Editor Take A Break s Fate The Ultimate Guide to the Tarot is the book for all aspiring tarot practitioners Liz s intuitive approach will get beginners reading cards instantly while her historical knowledge offers those who are familiar with the tarot original insights and new approaches Claire Gillman EditorKindred Spirit magazineAn inspirational and empowering approach to the tarot written by one of the best psychic tarot readers authors around today Sarah Bartlett author of The Tarot Bible The Afterlife Bible The Mythology Bible and Working With the TarotLiz is the most inspiring tarot teacher and reader I ve ever met Jayne Wallace Founder Psychic Sisters at Selfridges LondonLiz Dean is a prominent driving force in the tarot world and works tirelessly to promote and teach tarot though her cards and books and at International Conferences and workshops worldwide Her knowledge on the subject is unuestionable she is a true modern day tarot expert Her contribution to the tarot world has been invaluable and this book will be an asset on any tarot lover s bookshelf Kim Arnold UK Tarot ConferenceLiz s focus on an intuitive approach to tarot means we can naturally connect with the right hemisphere of our brain through the images on the cards When the right hemisphere is engaged it can override the doubting logic of the left allowing us to connect to our powerful inner knowing a place from which we can transform our perspective and grow in confidence If ever my students wobble Liz s tarot decks act like stabilizers helping them find their own balance through self belief Becky Walsh author of You Do Know Learning to Act on Intuition Instantly and TV presenter Becky s Life HacksLiz Dean s approach to the tarot is exceptional she has a uniue way of making what she sees in the cards come alive A fascinating read Billy Roberts international medium and author of Psychology of a Medium So You Want to be Psychic The Holistic Way and The Angels Book of PromisesLiz Dean London England is a professional tarot reader and Angelic Reiki Healer at Psychic Sisters in Selfridges London A best selling tarot author Liz had studied divination for over years Liz is the author of The Golden Tarot over sold worldwide The Ultimate Guide to Tarot The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Spreads The Victorian Steampunk Tarot Fairy Tale Fortune Cards Ways to Talk to Your Angels The Tarot Companion and Tarot Made SimpleLiz is also one of the Tarot Masters included in Kim Arnolds eponymous collection of essaysShe is also a former co editor of the UKs leading spiritual magazine Kindred Spirit and an award winning poet

About the Author: Liz Dean

En tant u’auteur connu certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs comme dans le livre The Ultimate Guide to Tarot The Ultimate Guide to ui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Liz Dean auteurs dans le monde

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