Between Death and Life Conversations with a Spirit: An

Between Death and Life Conversations with a Spirit: An internationally acclaimed hypnotherapists guide to past lives, guardian angels and the death experience Offering both comfort to the fearful and confirmation to the curious Between Death and Life Conversations with a Spirit examines different levels of existence in the spirit realms through hundreds of real peoples past life testimonies as revealed to widely published and internationally acclaimed past life regressionist and hypnotherapist Dolores CannonWhat happens at the point of death Where do we go afterwards Does ones personality survive after death How are the good and the bad experiences of life accounted for What is the purpose of life These are uestions everybody asks And no one is better ualified to provide reasonable answers than Dolores Cannon During forty years of detailed research this widely experienced and well respected American past life regression therapist has accumulated a mass of credible information about the death experience and what lies beyond While reliving their dying experiences hundreds of subjects reported the same memories The similarity and sincerity of their recollections are too convincing to be ignoredThis eye opening book explores the world beyond ours giving us an insight into the death experience and reincarnation guides and guardian angels ghosts and walk ins It examines different levels of existence in the spirit realms the Healing Chambers for the damaged the schools where you integrate lessons learned on Earth and where you discover the laws of the Universe how you plan your next incarnation the lessons to be learned and future karmic relationships before birth Between Death and Life Table of ContentsThe Death ExperienceThe GreetersA Near Death ExperienceThe Schools The Grand Tour The Different Levels or Planes of Existence So Called Bad LivesGuides God and Jesus Satan Possession and DemonsGhosts and Poltergeists Planning and PreparationThe General Council Imprinting Walk ins The Return TripDolores Cannon born in Missouri USA in is a pioneer in the field of past life regression After her first exposure to reincarnation in via regressive hypnosis her husband an amateur hypnotist stumbled upon the past life of a woman he was working with she began to specialise in the recovery and cataloguing of lost knowledge and past lives becoming an internationally acclaimed regression therapist and psychic researcher Through the study of various methods of hypnosis Cannon has developed her own uniue techniue that allows her to gain the most efficient release of information from her patients The founder of the uantum Healing Hypnosis Academy Cannon now teaches her hypnosis techniue to students throughout the world She also freuently appears on TV and radio shows in the US and internationally to discuss her research She has written a number of books about hypnosis and past lives as well as other supernatural phenomena including UFOs and the predictions of Nostradamus including Legacy from the Stars Jesus and the Essenes and Keepers of the Garden Her books have been translated into over languages

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