Conditional Design: An introduction to elemental

Conditional Design: An introduction to elemental architecture Conditional design is the seuel to Operative Design This book will further explore the operative in adetailed intentional and perhaps functional manner Spatially the conditional is the result of the operative It is not a blind result however Both terms work together to satisfy a formal manipulation through a set of opportunities for elements such as connections andapertures

About the Author: Anthony di Mari

Anthony di Mari Anthony Di Mari is an adjunct professor at Northeastern Universitys School of Architecture where he teaches first year architecture studios and advanced representation He received his Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies from Holy Cross before completing a Masters degree in Architecture at the Graduate School of Design GSD at Harvard University Anthonys competition work has been featured online through Inhabitat ScientificAmerican CNN and shiftBoston His fabrication projects have been featured in exhibitions focused on the design process including Matter design processes at the Bakery Design Collective in San Diego California and furniture featured at GreenHomeNYCs The new New York event His professional experience in the field of architecture includes collaborations with Peter Eisenman Rick Joy Architects RCR Aruitectes and Studio Luz His studio is located in Boston Massachusetts

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