The Satanic Bible: 50th Anniversary ReVision Kindle ë

The Satanic Bible: 50th Anniversary ReVision NOTE The Satanic Bible is available in four editions premium black for the hardcover is a Lulu publication When Anton Szandor LaVey published his original Satanic Bible fifty yers ago it was an angry book and it had plenty to be angry about It confronted a humanity which forthan two thousand years had been taught to hate itself fear God and hide from a threatening very un Edenic universe around it Even worse humans were told they were not only originally sinful and imperfect but imperfectible except perhaps through the intercession of an Islamic Mohammed or Christian Jesus demanding absolute abasement and obedience With men and women reduced to naked shamed animals therefore Anton saw and argued in his Bible that the only solution was to be the strongest craftiest and most hedonistic animal in the valley It was a prescription of power and vengeance to delight an Ayn Rand or Orwellian O Brien But then in the year exoteric crucible of the Church of Satan followed by the year esoteric one of the Temple of Set we discovered that humans not only had nothing to be inherently ashamed or guilty about but that indeed we are self perfectible and that Black Magic enables us not just to decipher and harmonize with the Objective Universe without but to discover the Subjective Universe of divine immortality within So this is not an angry Satanic Bible It is one of excitement exuberance the delight of virtue and nobility for their own sake The cosmology it reveals and the Black Magic it teaches are not weapons to hurt but tools of divine enlightenment and transformation Your eternity begins now

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