Table Fables: A collection of tables for the weary game

Table Fables: A collection of tables for the weary game master Do you play Dungeons and Dragons Pathfinder or some other obscure brand of fantasy tabletop role playing game Do you enjoy lists of magical items fantastical weapons dubious potions and fascinating books Do you tire of your players asking difficult uestions such as ‘what is in the dead guy’s pocket’ or ‘what is on this tavern’s menu’ or other such wearisome inuiries concerning details you had no time to prepare for Well then this is the book for you Table Fables is filled over eighty illustrated pages of tables and generators designed to be useful to all DMs old and new alike I love the randomness of D&D players opening chests and making them roll d100s to see what potion or magic item they find inside It's clear the author cares a lot about these also as the magic items and weapons are homebrew which allow you to give your players a few truely uniue items I get why people have rated this book so highly it's only 10 However I uestion how much it's actually worth it There's blatantly a ton of just straight borderline unusable tables and descriptions mostly empty pages and repetitiveuninspired content For instance there's a d6 table that goes through different types of terrain; when it wouldn't have taken much effort to bump that to a d10 or d20 table or split that into several d6 tables for each terrain archetype It's just pointless to have tables that small when any GM could come up with woods plains desert etc on the flyThere are a few good ideas in the encounterplot hook table don't remember what it's actually called and that's definitely why people like this book However since you can cut out pretty much the rest of the book with the exception of a couple good bits in the magic items section I feel like 10 is just a bit too much compared to other supplemental books I paid 10 for books like Fever dreaming Marlinko and Deep carbon observatory which have far content and a lot DMGM inspiration In my opinion they could have taken out the few good d100 tables sold them as a pdf for 2 3 on one of the many sites that offer that and called it a day A whole book seems like it's stretching the material too thinTl;Dr if you are looking for a little generic DM inspiration book for a couple random encounters or uick plot hooks it's only 10 and it's not bad If you are looking for a great resource you can pull on for multiple campaigns this isn't it Move along Bought for my husband as a gift He says he could pretty much run a game off this book alone Super helpful and handy I took a risk and it paid off Believe me when I say I'm not hating on these books Their truly uite nice small compact If you're the type of DM that mainly just runs one shots I'd definitely purchase these If not then I don't see where these will be much of any helpThe information in these books are freely available in far detail on the internet All these books are is a collection of nothing than tables for rolling dice and providing you with basic very basic statisticsfillersRoll this diceterrain is muddy roll that diceyou find a gem roll another diceits cold and stormy outside etcIf this is your niche and you're not one whom owns a printer or has internet access buy em If you do have internet and own a printer that can simply print black text on white paper do a search for what it is you're looking for and I'd almost guarantee there's a table online for it

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