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Writing to Win: The Legal Writer From a master teacher and writer a fully revised and updated edition of the results oriented approach to legal writing that is clear that persuadesand that WINSMore than almost any profession the law has a deserved reputation for opaue jargon clogged writing Yet forceful writing is one of the most potent weapons of legal advocacy In this new edition of Writing to Win Steven DStark a former lecturer on law at Harvard Law School who has inspired thousands of aspiring and practicing lawyers applies the universal principles of powerful vigorous prose to the job of making a legal caseand winning it Writing to Win focuses on the writing of lawyers not judges and includes dozens of examples of effective and ineffective real life legal writingas well as compelling models drawn from advertising journalism and fiction It deals with thechallenges lawyers face in writing from organization to strengthening and editing prose;offers incisiveways of improving arguments; addresses litigation and technical writing in all its forms; and covers the writing attorneys must perform in their daily practice from emailmemosto briefs and contracts Each chapter opens with a succinct set of rules for easy referenceWith new sections on client communication and drafting affidavits as well as updated material throughout Writing to Win is the most practical and efficacious legal writing manual available I agree with a few other reviews that this book is really general or Captain Obvious than techniue based That said it could be handy for those who are just starting out in any form of business writing This book contains a lot of practical advice But it's unnecessarily wordy and the author breaks a lot of his own rules by using legal 'jargon' and by favoring complexity over brevity I'd reccomend reading other books about practical legal writing like Garner's Winning Brief that have useful insight and are written in plain English Remember that most writing difficulties are organizational difficulties This is one of the opening statements in the main text of the book and how true that isMany of the suggestions in this book are well known to professional writers whether lawyers planners analysts or military staff officers such as to start by writing your conclusions However the author puts them all together in a concise and fresh package It is useful even if one has learnt these things to be reminded of themSome of the text is specific to lawyers such as Six elements to remember when composing affidavits You do not have to know what an affidthingumany is to find this useful if you ever have to take notes in a meetingSome of the advice may be a matter of opinion such as to write in always in the second person rather than the third because this makes prose easier for a reader to absorb But whether or not you agree with this postmodern style such sweeping statements don't affect the value of this book to you Of course there are other readers who find that being told how they think and feel makes prose harder to absorb but there you go And we shall not put too much effort into pointing out that the author did not write makes prose easier for you to absorbIn short money well spent and it's already helped me improve my writing today of a training film scriptEPICTETUS I am a non lawyer and I found this book amazing so far I feel a good upper hand coming soon If you are on the fence do not hesitate to grab this book

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