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Winning Basketball Fundamentals This incisive analysis of basketballs essentials will be an invaluable guide to coaches and players alike Jordan Cohn NBA Scout Lee Roses ability to break down the game and communicate his thoughts is on a level with the best in basketball Mike Pratt Basketball Radio Analyst University of Kentucky Hall of Fame Member Lee Rose has developed hundreds of players throughout his legendary career In Winning Basketball Fundamentalshe continues to share his winning coaching strategy and offers the best drills to refine individual skills and team execution Ed Conroy Head Basketball Coach Tulane University The game needsof Lee Roses coaching style Winning Basketball Fundamentals exemplifies the teaching that made him one of the most respected coaches in the game Tom Crean Head Basketball Coach Indiana University Coach Lee Rose provides an excellent resource for basketball enthusiasts His understanding of the game is unmatched and his commitment to excellence integrity and hard work are exemplary Winning Basketball Fundamentals is an outstanding primer on the game of basketball and the basic principles outlined by Coach Rose are applicable to life in general ie developing individual skills team execution and having a winning attitude And Coach Roses character and commitment to education and service are beyond reproach I recommend this book John E Chowning Vice President for Church External Relations Executive Assistant to the President Campbellsville University This book is a must read for all basketball coaches and those wanting to better understand the minds of these professionals While the book can be technical in some places Coach Roses knowledge and proven system for success is superb His recipe for success on the court and in life can be found in this resourceJim Tackett Executive Director Forward in the Fifth Well over years ago as an assistant coach at Virginia Commonwealth Uni versity I faced the University of South Florida and its highly celebrated newcoach I almost expected an air of arrogance from the opposing bench occupiedby the coach famous for earning a National Coach of the Year Award and leadinghis two previous schools UNC Charlotte and Purdue University to Final FoursAfter all those were big time credentials for a coach in the Sun Belt Conference

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